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I’m a bad student

Oh Gil (from Pandora Hearts), I know exactly how you feel right now. We’re in the same boat right now. Let’s drift to some faraway island where we can live together, just you and me, happily ever after.

And you must be wondering, why am I even here? Just so you know, I’ve been checking this blog every single day, but holding myself back from posting anything, because I’m apparently taking a break from blogging to focus on my studies.

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It’s the tests period!

The relationship between animeguyspl0x and I ❤
(By the way, the picture is from Starry Sky)

How I wish I could just not care about the exams and continue updating this blog, but as much as I want to, I can’t ignore the exams. After the exams I’ll be updating this blog like there’s no tomorrow! Expect to see a surge of posts sometime in the late October.

And there’ll also be a surprise in late October, well maybe not a surprise, but a little something new to add to the blog. I promise it’ll be great fun for you and me! I’m excited!

Well then, byebye and wish me luck in my exams!

1 Month Anniversary

I know it’s nothing much, but I guess I’ll just celebrate this little event with a sexy picture of Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club. How refreshing~

Look out for my next review! 🙂

Kimi ni Todoke

Do you like pink-ish, sweet romances that makes you smile whenever you see the main couple blushing? Do you like awkward, but pure, innocent, untainted romances? Well if you’re like, yes!, then Kimi ni Todoke is definitely for you. It revolves around friendship, love and unrequited love. It’s one of my favourite animes, but the show is rather slow-paced, and sometimes the characters can be rather slow and silly, which is cute in a way I guess.

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Get your tissues ready, and brace yourselves for a touching story of Clannad + Clannad After Story. There’s a film on it too but I haven’t watched it, maybe I’ll get down to doing that after I finish my Yaoi marathon. ;P

If you don’t like sad love stories, I wouldn’t really recommend this anime for you especially the sequel, After Story. It’s a story that will tug at your heartstrings and make your vision fuzzy with tears, but a good story nevertheless. If you like sad but touching stories, I’d highly recommend Clannad to you because it’s a great anime to blow your noses on.

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Ouran High School Host Club

One of my all-time favourite shoujo animes! How could I possibly leave Ouran High School Host Club out when it comes to anime guys. Catering to your each and every need and preference, Ouran High School Host Club is something I’d definitely recommend if you’re into glitter, sparkles, and more glitter and sparkles.

There’s even a live action drama airing right now, and a movie coming up. The live action is just hilarious, but I would advise you to watch the anime first before watching the live action, or you’d just probably think the live action is weird (not getting much of the jokes inside there).

The actors are for both the live action and the movie. I can’t wait for the movie!

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