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Lucan from (P)lanets

Don’t they look like a couple made in heaven? This is going to be my last character review of the characters from (P)lanets. Don’t know what that is? Check out my (P)lanets game review and try it out!

Lucan, the prince-like character. A gentleman indeed, although he blushes a little too much for one. He’s like a celebrity in the school – there’s a club called Lucan-sama Fan Club. The girls are all infatuated with him and stalks him pretty much everywhere. Oh no, that means competition!

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Haru from (P)lanets

Yay for Haruhi! Haru’s actually my favourite character out of all the guys that you can get in the game. Sadly, he’s a minor character. Wait, check out my (P)lanets game review if you don’t know what in this planet (hey, pun!) is going on.

Haru’s your childhood friend. And your best friend, until you left for Planets. He dresses up as a girl and acts like one anyway (and passes off as one without fail). He gets bullied often and it’s you that stands up for him. You spend pretty much most of your time with him and he’s heartbrokened that you left for Planets. Well, you can always come back for him. 😉

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Kaius from (P)lanets

In case you don’t know what (P)lanets is, check out my (P)lanets game review for a better idea on what’s going on here. 🙂

It’s Mister Tsundere’s turn for a character review! Kaius is your typical tsundere that has a really cute side that he doesn’t want to or doesn’t have a chance to show anyone. I’m pretty sure if people saw his cute side, he’d have a lot of girls chasing after him (wait, that’ll mean more competition). He doesn’t want friends, so he’s pretty much alone most of the time. And that also means more one-on-one times with him. 😉

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Ryuu from (P)lanets

My very first character review of (P)lanets! Please do read my (P)lanets game review first before reading the character reviews, so you don’t get lost in the bizarre storyline!

Ryuu, the outgoing guy that smiles no matter what happens. He wants to enjoy life while he can, and he looks like nothing can bring him down. And oh, he’s sensitive to tickles. 😉

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(P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!

“(P)lanets – The Psychic Learning Academy for New and Exciting Tactical Studies. This is a school for those gifted with psychic abilities!”

(P)lanets is an otome game where you play Kazuoki Marin, a smart girl that can’t really be bothered to study but still does well in her tests (man, I wish I were her). One day she falls down the stairs, hit her head and gets a concussion. However, when she wakes up, she realises she can hear everyone’s thoughts! She’s unable to live her life normally anymore and the very next day, a mysterious guy appears in front of her house to bring her to an academy named Planets, where psychics learn to control and train their powers. Off Marin goes to Planets, where she’d meet 2 other handsome guys and develop a relationship!

I recommend you to play this otome game, it’s really cute, I loved the dialogue, and it’s free!
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