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Hideki had always dreamt of having his very own persocom (and of course, a girlfriend). Persocoms are extremely expensive and thus he is unable to buy one. But luck is on his side –  one day, when he was on his way home, he notices a beautiful female persocom lying among the trash bags. And so Hideki made his way home carrying an abandoned persocom.

After the persocom had been turned on, she did not seem to be able to remember anything, and was only capable of saying “Chii”. Hideki names her that, and their adventure begins! How will Hideki teach her the ways of a human being, since she is unable to remember anything at all (which also means that she can’t even complete simple daily tasks properly)? How will both Hideki and Chii manage their relationship between each other? Chii is after all, a persocom, but she looks exactly like a human!

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Travis from Re: Alistair++

Travis Wright
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 157 lb.
Age: 17
Birthday: April 25
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood Type: B

“This guy is really grumpy. I think he just considers me to be an annoyance more than anything else. In my opinion, he needs to lighten up.”

-Profile taken from sakevisual: link

My last character review of Re: Alistair! If you don’t know what Re: Alistair is, or want to get a rough idea of the storyline or game, please check out my Re: Alistair++ review. 🙂

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Special A

Hikari can’t ever seem to win Kei in anything. When they were young, Hikari was humiliated and defeated by Kei, but she didn’t give up. She told herself that she would beat Kei in everything else! However, that didn’t seem to be the case – no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t beat her rival Kei.

Doesn’t this sound really familiar? And again, romance experts like us already know what’s going to happen. I enjoyed this anime, it kind of gave me the Ouran feel!

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Derek from Re: Alistair++

Derek Nevine 
Height: 5′ 9″ 
Weight: 142 lb. 
Age: 17 
Birthday: March 3 
Zodiac: Pisces 
Blood Type: O 

“I see this guy around a lot, but he’s pretty popular, so we don’t really run in the same circles. I hear he’s good at basketball.”

-Profile taken from sakevisual: link

Be sure to check out my game review on about Re: Alistair before you read this character review, so you’ll get a better understanding of the character as well as the game’s storyline.

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Shiro from Re: Alistair ++

Shiro Takayama  
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 112 lb.
Age: 15
Birthday: January 19
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: A
“One of my classmates, although I don’t know him too well. He doesn’t really talk to people unless he has to.”

-Profile taken from sakevisual: link

You should most probably read the game review on about Re: Alistair++ first, so you’d get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

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Tora no Tsubasa

Tora no Tsubasa is a free anime browsergame featuring many moe characters. The game happens on Tiger Island where you go on your journey of discovery by fighting through monsters in different areas. As you get to higher levels, you can upgrade your equipments and skills to participate in duels against other players. Or if you want to play differently, you can save money for dress up your character with adorable and even weird premium outfits such as bloomer, sukumizu, swimsuit and bunny.
– Tonee, creater of Tora no Tsubasa
Source: link

I’d recommend TnT (Tora no Tsubasa) to those of you who don’t mind clicking games, or don’t mind not being in the action, because you won’t actually see the characters fighting or anything. But the characters are simply too cute to resist!

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Exams are over!

“No more exams!” – 3 Idiots from Maid Sama!

(okay I just realised you can put captions on images urgh should I go and edit my other images from previous posts…?)

Bye exams!! I’ll never see you again see you again next year! Today concludes my last paper, Maths, and I wouldn’t say I did very well nor would I say I did very badly.

You know what that means? It’s time to cook up more and more and more awesome reviews just for you guys! Nodame Cantabile’s review was longer than usual, but it’s my way of saying thanks to you guys for patiently waiting so long while I was being a nerd studying.

I’ll keep my promise about the surprise, yes, I’ll tell you, right here, right now, the new thing that’s going to be added to the blog!

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Nodame Cantabile

To sum this anime up, in my opinion, it’s about a perfectly normal guy, Chiaki, on the road to achieve his musical ambitions, while being constantly bombarded by really, really crazy people, who become his friends anyway. One of his crazy friends include a creepy girl who stalks him everywhere, claiming that she is his wife. Poor Chiaki. But of course, romance experts like us know that they’ll ultimately end up together.

Classical music-lovers should definitely watch this – even for a person like myself, I’ve never taken much interest in classical music, but this anime got me interested in it, especially in the piano.

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