Kimi ni Todoke

Do you like pink-ish, sweet romances that makes you smile whenever you see the main couple blushing? Do you like awkward, but pure, innocent, untainted romances? Well if you’re like, yes!, then Kimi ni Todoke is definitely for you. It revolves around friendship, love and unrequited love. It’s one of my favourite animes, but the show is rather slow-paced, and sometimes the characters can be rather slow and silly, which is cute in a way I guess.

The show revolves around a girl named Sawako, which kind of looks like Sadako from horror film “The Ring”, due to her long, black hair. As a result, Sawako is usually shunned and feared by her classmates, leaving her alone most of the time. However, she is being misunderstood. She’s actually a really nice girl inside, but is too afraid to make friends, although deep down inside, she yearns for a group of friends by her side.

There’s a boy in her class, Kazehaya, which character’s the opposite of hers. He’s outgoing, smiles most of the time, and is constantly surrounded by friends which naturally crowd around him. At first, Sawako secretly admires Kazehaya from afar. After making friends with Kazehaya, many opportunities to make new friends came and Sawako slowly realises herself opening up. However, she feels differently towards Kazehaya, and little did she expect Kazehaya to feel the same way towards her too. From friends, they realise their growing feelings for each other but both parties were at a lost of what to do.

Not to forget, they’re both really awkward, but nevertheless, they seem to compliment each other very well. However, the thought of the other party reciprocating the feelings back never came to mind, especially for Sawako. She thought that what she was experiencing was unrequited love, because Kazehaya’s nice to everyone, so she’s kinda part of everyone and not special in any way. But in the end, both of them overcome obstacles together and further understand each other better. Everything’s just so cute and innocent you’d have to watch it to experience the bubbly feeling inside of you just ready to burst out.

I think I’m about to explode from all the doki-doki blushing scenes. Well let’s not forget the friendships that Sawako forged throughout the 2 seasons, with the help of Kazehaya, and later, Miura. She smiles so much more than she did in the past, and her schoolmates seem to accept her and treat her normally, unlike before. We also discover Sawako’s talent in teaching, in which gives her all the more opportunities to make more friends.

-insert scary suspense-ish music here- We also see love rivals in the show, but how can our lovely main couple ever remain separated? A pure, innocent love can’t possibly be tainted. I enjoyed the inclusion of Kento Miura, because he was voiced by Mamoru Miyano. Yay!

There’s even a live action movie for this, and I’ve watched it. It’s not bad for a live action movie, especially if you’re a huge fan of Kimi ni Todoke. If you’ve enjoyed the anime, I highly recommend you to watch the movie. Well, you can’t expect too much because real life people can’t blush that excessively like in animes.

When watching Kimi ni Todoke, it’s best that you don’t watch it while people can see your face because you’re just going to look like a creepy stalker while smiling paedophile-ish-ly at the computer screen whenever Kazehaya and Sawako scenes appear.


12 responses to “Kimi ni Todoke

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  3. Its exceptional as your other articles :D, regards for posting .

  4. hello!,I like your writing so much!

  5. i watched the live-action, so far, the only reason i watch it was because of Haruma and Tabe-chan. It was a good movie but somehow i didn’t feel much of it. Maybe by watching anime and reading manga would help me grasp the story, then i will watch again the liveaction. Your writing makes me want to watch/read kimi ni todoke

    • Really? Then my job as a reviewer has been successfully accomplished! 🙂 If you generally like romance then you should give Kimi ni Todoke a go, unless you like fast paced shows.

      The movie didn’t feel “romantic” or give me any shojo vibes at all. It just felt like, okay, I met you, I fell in love, hello cliche romance! It didn’t have much of an impact right? For an live action movie it was okay, I guess. It’s quite hard to portray a high school girl that looks like a ghost. Well, because I watched the anime, I could shojo-ize the scenes. That’s a handy skill of a fangirl. 😀

      • Yes. It really is convincing and really good.

        Movie seemed to be moving fast for a slow paced story. I’ll watch and read this too. I do go for anything as long it’s not so mainstreamed to the point where everyone is into it (referring to naruto, bleach, fairy tail, one piece) ^^

        • Yeah I get what you mean. It’s sometimes nice to know animes that no one knows. Well, I guess it goes both ways – it’s also nice to know animes that everyone is talking about.
          I think we kinda have the same mentality about the mainstream animes/mangas – I’ve always distanced myself from them, having no interest in reading or watching something the entire world is talking about, but my friend actually dragged me into Fairy Tail and I realised it isn’t so bad after all. In fact, I’m enjoying Fairy Tail as of now (still somewhere in the middle of the manga though).
          To be honest, I still like knowing animes and mangas no one knows about. It’s like I’m in my own little world where I can have all the guys to myself… Just kidding 😛

          • sorry for this really late reply..
            I think its nice, just like what you said, to know animes only few knows of it. but all the same knowing what is popular is also good but i tend to like things once they get old or when people does not show any concern about it anymore or before the world become aware of this and that.
            The only thing that pulls me away on reading Fairy Tail is because i really love Rave Master and i just can’t seem to move on the part that they have similarities but I don’t dislike Fairy Tail about it..

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