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Bokura ga Ita (We Were There) character reviews?

Awhile ago I was thinking if I should write character reviews for Bokura ga Ita characters, namely Nana, Yano and Takeuchi. However, after looking at my Bokura ga Ita anime review, I realised I ranted a little too much on the characters rather than the storyline. 😛

Well, that could be, and most probably was, because I was rather fed up with Yano and Nana. But they were cute together nevertheless, don’t get me wrong here.

So I guess I won’t be doing character reviews for Bokura ga Ita after all, huh. Sorry about that, especially if you were looking forward to it. And I’ve been wondering why my Bokura ga Ita post is getting quite a lot of views although it’s a rant. I’m so embarrassed :S

So if you’re interested in Bokura ga Ita character reviews, please do read my little embarrassing rant on Bokura ga Ita here!

Bokura ga Ita (We Were There)

Do you like sweet little couples that make you go, awwww?

Well, if you’re the kind that goes for foolish loves, a selfish lover that wants you all for himself, or plainly just a firm believer in the quote “love is blind”, this anime is definitely for you.

Just a warning though, this anime is rather slow-paced, so if you like fast-paced romances, you might not be able to survive through all 26 episodes.

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