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Skip Beat!

Yes, Skip Beat! is about showbiz, but our heroine, Kyoko, is climbing up the showbiz ladder for revenge. Wait, revenge?!

Kyoko has been supporting her childhood friend, Shotaro, wholeheartedly all this while, sacrificing herself just for her one and only Sho. Sho is pursuing a career in music and is currently ranked seventh most popular male celebrity of Japan. However, everything changes when Kyoko overhears a conversation between Sho and his manager, where Sho insults Kyoko, saying that he only keeps her for her usefulness in housekeeping matters. Further fueled by Sho flirting with the manager, Kyoko vows vengeance, so Sho teasingly challenges her to overtake him in showbiz.

And that’s exactly what Kyoko¬†sought out to do. She makes new friends (and maybe even one that is more than a friend) throughout her new career and on the way, slowly pushes away the vengeful feelings that overwhelmed her at the beginning. Will she ever learn to love again?

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