Monthly Archives: January 2013

I’m gonna miss everyone :(

Hi guys!

Due to school and other commitments, I won’t have time to update this blog anymore… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Trust me, I’ve really been trying my best to find time to post more often but blogging takes up a lot of time for me… It was hard coming to this decision but I’ve figured out it was sooner or later that I would stop blogging.

I’ll really really really miss you guys, especially my followers, and frequent comment-ers. I would definitely never ever forget you guys. It would be great if we could still keep in touch! It would be pretty cool, actually. My blogging journey was pretty short but I guess I’ve learnt a whole lot about anime reviewing and blogging. Most importantly, I’ve made many many many friends that share a common interest – anime guys! 😉

It’s really comforting to see that there’s so many other fans out there that share the same taste in guys as me! Hahaha!
Then again that just means that I’ve discovered more love rivals… Damn.

You might’ve already guessed that I’ll “retire” from this blog sooner or later from the infrequent updates… I sincerely apologise, really. If only I had time, I would continue updating it, sharing my views about animes and of course anime guys. I never fail to have loads of fun coming up with quirky anime reviews, which consist of sourcing for awesome screenshots including glamorous photos of our handsome guys, wrecking my brains over how I should orientate or resize the screenshots and where to place them, trying my best to inject humour as much as I can into my review, hunting for grammar errors so as to not embarrass myself, and smiling foolishly to the computer screen as I read my final draft of the post before publishing it.

I’ll definitely miss the sense of satisfaction and achievement of clicking the “Publish” button every time I complete a post. And of course, not to forget, that little excited skip of my heartbeat whenever someone comments on my post or likes it. You have no idea how much small gestures like these brightens up my day.

I’m going to miss all of that. 😦

Nevertheless, I am not going to simply disappear from the face of the earth WordPress! I will still try my best to check comments and reply them whenever I’m free. If there is any need, you can contact me at my Facebook, in which I am more active on.

I’ll honestly miss you guys. And of course, thank you very very very much for being a significant part of my blogging journey. ❤

I love each and every one of you. 🙂

Written from the bottom of my heart.