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2011 thoughts

Kanou from Kaicho wa Maid-sama!

I’m going to write a little about my thoughts on the year 2011 in this post! To start off this post, I want to say a really really really big thank you to all of you readers who have been reading animeguyspl0x! I’ve never expected animeguyspl0x to gather so many views without me even advertising it. I didn’t even tell my friends that I have this blog, so I’m like a mysterious blogger 😉

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Peach Girl

Your usual love triangle! I’m not a big fan of love triangles, especially if the heroine can’t make up her mind between the two boys. Poor boys! Peach Girl is actually one of the most intense love triangles I’ve ever encountered. This series has really got me quite worked up due to its story line, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I’ll save my thoughts for the last part! 🙂

Peach Girl follows a high school girl named Momo, who is really tan and has bleached hair due to constant exposure to chlorinated pools. People think she’s ganguro, but she’s actually just an innocent little girl in the swim team who’s secretly in love with her classmate, Toji, for many years. Unfortunately for Momo, she has a “friend”, Sae, that attempts to copy or steal everything Momo has, which of course, includes Toji. And soon a third party, Kairi, joins in this complicated love struggle. It’s your usual drama: a love triangle with the addition of an entertainingly jealous female villain.

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Merry Christmas’11 !!

A merry merry merry Christmas from animeguyspl0x!!

My best Christmas presents would be you guys. And my Christmas present to you guys is, of course, anime guys, yes please! 😉

Since my banner for Dec’11 is Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% , this year’s models for the Christmas celebration shall be them. Prepare for an overdose of bishies.

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You heard it too, didn’t you?

Well uh, because I’ve just completed my Samurai Deeper Kyo review, I’ve decided to share a funny screenshot of a certain Yahoo! Answers I’ve encountered while researching on Samurai Deeper Kyo.

I don’t know if the person asking the question meant it in the way that Kyo said it, or maybe it was just a really big coincidence, but, oh, Kyo, imagine if your opponent said that to you while in a confrontation. -gulps-

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Have a samurai fetish? Don’t worry, me too.

Samurai Deeper Kyo follows Demon Eyes Kyo, one of the most feared legendary samurai in the world, and the quest for his true body, while he actually resides in Mibu Kyoshiro’s body. Along the way, he meets friends and travelers that accompany him in his adventure as he defeats rivals opposing his way. We also learn more about both Kyo and Kyoshiro’s clashing personalities as well as the relationships between the characters as the story unfolds.

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Skip Beat!

Yes, Skip Beat! is about showbiz, but our heroine, Kyoko, is climbing up the showbiz ladder for revenge. Wait, revenge?!

Kyoko has been supporting her childhood friend, Shotaro, wholeheartedly all this while, sacrificing herself just for her one and only Sho. Sho is pursuing a career in music and is currently ranked seventh most popular male celebrity of Japan. However, everything changes when Kyoko overhears a conversation between Sho and his manager, where Sho insults Kyoko, saying that he only keeps her for her usefulness in housekeeping matters. Further fueled by Sho flirting with the manager, Kyoko vows vengeance, so Sho teasingly challenges her to overtake him in showbiz.

And that’s exactly what Kyoko sought out to do. She makes new friends (and maybe even one that is more than a friend) throughout her new career and on the way, slowly pushes away the vengeful feelings that overwhelmed her at the beginning. Will she ever learn to love again?

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5 Days Absence :(

Sad sad sad Mio from K-on!

Sorry guys but I’ll not be around for 5 days (6-10 December) because I’ll be going on a basketball school trip.

I’ll miss you guys, and I promise to post once I get back. 😀
Please continue to read animeguyspl0x! ❤