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Pandora Hearts

For some reason, my previous Pandora Hearts post had an entire chunk of text and pictures missing… So I’m publishing the complete Pandora Hearts post here. Sorry for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy my post! 🙂

Do you like fantasy or mystery animes? Especially one with twists? How about something that keeps you in suspense? All of this sprinkled with humour and of course, some butt-kicking action?

Then Pandora Heart’s for you.

I’m finally doing a review on my all-time favourite anime! Well, I have to admit that I have quite a few favourites, because like most people I just can’t exactly make up my mind. It’s quite difficult to choose an all-time favourite anime. I truly admire people who can do that. However, I can safely say that Pandora Hearts is my favourite fantasy anime. :D

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