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Rosario + Vampire

I don’t know what’s this anime doing here, as it has only one main guy inside, and he isn’t even my type, but yeah, I’m just going to include Rosario + Vampire inside my reviews as I’m just going to treat this as my own anime-diary.

Get what I mean now, after seeing the picture? This post looks like it belongs to animegirlspl0x.wordpress, but I don’t think there’s such a url and I don’t plan on making one anyway. I watched this anime because my best friend told me to, and of course, being such a nice friend, I watched it, despite the lack of good looking guys inside. What a nice friend I am! But sadly I stopped halfway due to the constant flashing of panties of the girls and my parents walking past my computer. Risky, I’d say. And obviously I’m not watching the anime for the girls, so I stopped.

Anyway, this is more of a harem, with a single guy surrounded by girls. It can be rather sexually explicit so I’ll just suggest you’d better be prepared for a bumpy ride!

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