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That Cheap and Sacred Thing

Looking for a game that won’t take too much of your time? Why not try That Cheap and Sacred Thing (TCAST)?

TCAST is a short, drama + sci-fi kinectic novel that made me cry. I’ve never cried playing any games – but hey, look, here I am crying in front of the computer. I recommend this to everyone out there, because it is a great kinetic novel that evokes a lot of emotion, and provokes a lot of thought. In addition, TCAST explores themes like  robots (androids, in this case), and their relationship with us humans. Despite taking only less than an hour to complete, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of TCAST.

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Don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story

I’ve recently played an interesting free visual novel, and I thought I’d share it with you guys! However, in this visual novel, you play as a male teacher, for a change. A smoking hot male teacher, in fact. It’s sad I don’t get to see myself much. 😦

Like high school drama? Well then give this game a go – this game not only focuses on the relationships between boy x girl, there’s boy x boy as well as girl x girl involved too. In other words, yaoi and yuri. Other than your usual high school drama, it also brings up the important issue of privacy in the modern days, specifically in social networks.

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Half a year old!

I can’t hold back the tears!

Animeguyspl0x is actually half a year old already!? What!? It feels like only yesterday when I first posted my very first review… I used to blog so differently in the past. (  ゚_ゝ゚)

Yep, in fact, animeguyspl0x is 6 months and 2 days old today (I’m sorry I missed the actual day itself, urgh. I’m feeling really guilty about it).

I can’t believe it has been half a year since I’ve started this blog. It took just a simple blink of an eye… And look how much time has already passed. It’s quite amazing actually. Somehow running animeguyspl0x kind of feels like I’m bringing up my child or something. Oh animeguyspl0x, I’ve been taking care of you ever since you were a cute lil’ baby (you’re still cute don’t worry). 🙂

I guess that one thing that keeps me going is YOU.

Thank you so much for reading animeguyspl0x!

You’ve been such a big part of my life. I know I probably sound cheesy and cliche and stuff like that but it’s all coming from the bottom of my heart.

And also, since tomorrow is valentines day, I’d just like to wish all of you out there, a very happy valentines day! You’re loved. 😉

May you have a great valentines day with your loved ones (whether he’s for real or on the screen). Love doesn’t have any rules, so who says that you can’t fall in love with a fictional character?

Magic Knight Rayearth

Many people do ask me what my very first anime was. Well, here’s my answer: Magic Knight Rayearth. I watched it a really long time ago when I was young, and I was absolutely crazy about it. I enjoyed role-playing as the Magic Knights with my friends as we fight imaginary monsters (aka the air around us). Ah, the good ol’ times. Recently, I watched it again to relive my childhood times. Despite it being a really old anime, I enjoyed it all the same.

Magic Knight Rayearth follows 3 very different girls – Hikaru, Umi and Fuu, who are suddenly given the titles of the Legendary Magic Knights, and are tasked with the important responsibility of saving a whole new universe which they have never heard of! A second ago, they were just your everyday ordinary school girls on a field trip to the Tokyo Tower. The very next second, they’re being thrown through the sky into Cephiro, a whole new universe, where they are 3 Legendary Magic Knights on a quest to save Cephiro!

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