Re: Alistair++

I spent a total of five hours playing Alistair++ yesterday night, and I must admit, it was definitely worth five hours of my time.

Alistair++ is a otome game that caters to different kind of tastes.

On the left, you have Travis, which is kind of like a computer geek, grumpy and teases you at every available opportunity. He’s cold to you at first, but once you get to know him, he’s really warm and cozy inside.

In the middle you have Shiro, who is the quiet, shy kind of guy that daydreams, blushes, and doesn’t appear to be very confident, but he is a really thoughtful and caring guy.

On the right, you have Derek, the outgoing and friendly guy, who is the vice-chairman for the Student Council and top scorer in the basketball team – which explains his popularity.

So which kind appeals to your taste? Personally, I was immediately attracted to Shiro, I guess it’s because of his shyness and blushing, triggers the fan-girl in me. I wonder if the creator was partly biased to Shiro, because he/she gives Shiro the best scenes. Let’s take a look at one, I wouldn’t want to spoil your gaming experience with too many pictures, would I? That’s for you to play and find out for yourself.

I like Travis’ character (partly because of his teasing), because of the fact that he’s usually misunderstood, but he really is a nice guy underneath. His nice character ought to be brought out more. His charming eyes are usually hidden underneath his spectacles, but I guess to some, his spectacles make him all the more attractive. For me, I absolutely love it when guys that usually have their spectacles on, take it off (like Kyouya from OHSHC). They appeal to me ten times more immediately. Let’s take a look at Travis with and without spectacles.

With spectacles:

Without spectacles (brace yourselves!):

Of course Derek’s appearance is very appealing too. A sporty guy is always definitely a yes for me – especially when he’s playing basketball and smiles at me when he scores. Don’t you love cheering on for a guy that you love? Plus Derek’s friendly attitude makes him fun company. I like happy-go-lucky guys that don’t dwell too much on unhappy memories. You wouldn’t want a guy that complains to you about unhappy stuff 24/7 right? That brings the mood down! Let me share with you my favourite picture of Derek — his worried and concerned look totally drew me to him.

Best thing about this game? It’s free (well of course it’s free, if it isn’t, I wouldn’t be playing it in the first place, right?), and it’s pretty good for a free otome game. It’s not too long, and not too short either. The reason why I spent 5 hours was due to the fact that I wanted bonuses for every character and I went to explore all the different routes. It’s a relaxing game that only requires a click of the mouse, and a really convenient “skip” button if you’re replaying routes, or simply just bored of reading the dialogue.

The storyline is great too, with an unexpected twist(to some people) in one of the character’s end, it’s almost like dropping a bombshell on you. I don’t want to talk about it too much lest I spoil your fun, but just a tip, it’s kind of like a stat-raising game and the stats that you raise determines which character is more attracted to you. There are also items to help you along your way.

Hope I didn’t bore you with my rants but I recomend you try this otome game, it’s free and can be downloaded at with all you need to know over there, such as walkthroughs, if you ever get stuck.

Have fun, and good luck! I hope you get who you like (well, unless you’re like me, who can’t decide which guy I like the most).

Sayonara for now, I shall go back to brainstorming on which guy I like the most. Good luck to me too.


5 responses to “Re: Alistair++

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  2. Hello, many thanks for reviewing Re: Alistair++.

  3. how do you get the ‘oh travis how do you use the mouse?’ pic?

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