Monthly Archives: May 2012


I rarely watch shows with suspense, mystery, supernatural and all that yada-yada, but when someone asks me what my favourite suspense show is, the first show that comes to my mind is Durarara!!.

It wasn’t a show that I liked from the start. Yes, it had pretty neat art, but I hardly watched these kind of ~deep~ shows so I was really confused at the start. Yes, I immerse myself in sparkling shojos and whatnot, so this wasn’t a show I’d go for. However, Durarara!! received overwhelmingly good reviews so I decided to give it a shot. And there weren’t any regrets. 😀 In fact, I’m really happy I didn’t ever put it down.

If you like suspense, action or supernatural themed shows, you should definitely give Durarara!! a go. The characters are lovable, the storyline is filled with lots of surprises, and the action is awesome. All of that with a tinge of modern reality.

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