Don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story

I’ve recently played an interesting free visual novel, and I thought I’d share it with you guys! However, in this visual novel, you play as a male teacher, for a change. A smoking hot male teacher, in fact. It’s sad I don’t get to see myself much. 😦

Like high school drama? Well then give this game a go – this game not only focuses on the relationships between boy x girl, there’s boy x boy as well as girl x girl involved too. In other words, yaoi and yuri. Other than your usual high school drama, it also brings up the important issue of privacy in the modern days, specifically in social networks.

You play as John Rook, a new homeroom teacher in charge of a class which seems to have a whole lot of drama going on. Past relationships, current relationships, crushes here and there.. Oh, the usual life of a high school student.

As a teacher, you are given the school’s tablet (also known as Amie XTablet) and the authority to look into your students’ “Amie Connect”, which is a platform largely similar to Facebook. You can access all their public and private messages. The school continues this practice because teachers can monitor their students and know if there’s anything wrong, like let’s say, for example, cyber-bullying.

What do you think of this practice? Do you think it should have been implemented in the first place?

In other words, you know all the drama that is happening in your class. In fact, you know all this first hand. Well, I guess through this, you get to know your students better.. In some way. But perhaps, you get to know them a little too well.

If you’re wondering what that “12channel” is, it’s basically a image board similar to 4chan, if I’m not wrong.

Other than AmieConnect, you get to know your students better through interaction with them during classes as well as lunch breaks. I still haven’t gotten used to playing as a male teacher.. It feels weird to be older than everyone else.

During the course of your teaching, you’re being forced to dealt with certain issues in your class, and eventually, inadvertently dragged into all of it. For instance, how would you deal with a student interested in you, and is relentless in her advances?

Are you against teacher-student relationships? Do you think it is right, especially if you’re old enough to be her father? I think the game made me reflect about these kind of themes that frequently pop up in mangas. I’ve never actually thought about whether it was correct or wrong.

And that’s not all. Remember how you asked the students to come and look for you if they have any problems?

Well then, there you go.

You’re going to have students coming to you to ask for advice about their own personal relationships. I wonder how you are going to deal with these, because it doesn’t seem like a really good idea to get involved in all the drama. I mean, what if something goes wrong because of you!? On that note, would you get involved in the drama or just feign ignorance and let the high school students bicker in their drama serials as they please?

I love Nolan, especially his relationship later in the game with — nope I’m not going to tell you and spoil the entire game for you, so why don’t you play the game and find out for yourself? 😛

Goodness gracious me, you still have to deal with problematic students. The thing about problematic students is, you don’t know if you should treat them nicely or not. I would really like to be nice most of the time, but what if the nice way just doesn’t work? Are you just going to continue to be Mister Nice Guy forever?

There’s so many issues this game makes you think about. I can still remember myself staring at the screen with the choices staring back at me. My finger would just stay in midair, hesitating to click any option because I simply couldn’t decide! And whenever I finally did decide on an option, after I chose it, I’d be regretting it the second later.

There never seemed to be a correct answer, and that was what I liked about this game.

But I’ll have to admit it, after playing this game, I think I’ve developed a phobia of becoming a teacher when I grow up. Imagine having to deal with situations like this. I’d probably pull all my hair out. Well, it’s not like I wanted to be a teacher in the first place. Phew.

See that brown haired girl on the extreme right? Remember her, okay? 🙂

This game has slight sexual content inside, as well as vulgarities, so you’ve got to make sure you’re okay with that before you start playing.

I feel that this game was extremely thought-provoking. I can’t find a better word to describe it, because the game made me reflect on so many issues. The game touches on teenage issues like bullying, pranks, relationships, friendship, etc. At first, I was looking for an otome game, which means I wanted to find a game where I could play as a female character and date male characters. Mistaking this game for an otome, I downloaded it and started playing it, only to find out that I’ve to play as a male teacher. Well, at least I’m handsome. 😉

Although I couldn’t find the romance I wanted, I still enjoyed this game because the plot was interesting enough to keep me playing even without my desired romance. Dialogue was smooth flowing and humorous at times. The “invade-your-students’-privacy-system” was something new and refreshing, although I got bored of the drama after awhile (me being a boring person).

So why not try Don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story? You can download the game here. Do also check out the developer’s blog here, this isn’t her only game! You should try her other games if you enjoyed this one. 🙂


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