Get your tissues ready, and brace yourselves for a touching story of Clannad + Clannad After Story. There’s a film on it too but I haven’t watched it, maybe I’ll get down to doing that after I finish my Yaoi marathon. ;P

If you don’t like sad love stories, I wouldn’t really recommend this anime for you especially the sequel, After Story. It’s a story that will tug at your heartstrings and make your vision fuzzy with tears, but a good story nevertheless. If you like sad but touching stories, I’d highly recommend Clannad to you because it’s a great anime to blow your noses on.

The story revolves around Tomoya, a delinquent, who meets Nagisa and helps her to reform the drama club in school , which had been disbanded due to the few remaining members graduating. Along the way, he meets other girls which he forms close relationships with. He also has a friend named Sunohara, which is kind of his “bro” best friend I guess, if you put it that way.

The story deals with many deep and meaningful themes such as friendship, love and family. I don’t know if this is a spoiler but it’s pretty obvious Nagisa ends up with Tomoya, and in After Story, the story pretty much deals with them living together and suffering hardships together as a family. So here’s the heartwrenching part where you need ten boxes of tissues and maybe more. Nagisa dies after giving birth to their daughter, Ushio. Tomoyo then falls into a deep depression, but raises Ushio after recovering, but Ushio then suffers from the same disease as her mother and dies too. *blows nose*

Not all hope is lost. Don’t worry, Tomoya can change the fate of Ushio and Nagisa, through the Illusionary World, which might be a little lengthy if I’d explain it here. You’d have to watch it to actually feel the impact of everything. After the whole anime is over, you can practically feel your shoulders becoming lighter and realise yourself heaving a big sigh of relief.

What I found pretty cool about this anime was that they had alternate endings even in the anime (not only in the visual novel). Honestly, I kind of prefer girls who are strong and independent like Tomoyo and Kyou. As such, I didn’t really want Tomoya and Nagisa when I watched the first season. However, they have OVAs which presented an alternate ending to the anime, and one of them was Tomoyo and Tomoya in a relationship, and Kyou and Tomoya in a relationship. Both Kyou and Tomoyo happened to be my favourite characters inside the anime, so I was pretty much satisfied and happy when I finished the OVAs.

Have you stocked up your tissues? Well, the first season isn’t so sad so I guess you don’t have to use tissues but you really ought to be on standby for the After Story. Maybe I’m just a very emotional person but you’d better have some tissues just in case! No harm done anyway.

P.s. Please don’t think I’m telling all of you not to watch this anime, it’s actually a really good anime if you enjoy touching stories. There’s just people out there that don’t like depressing stories, whether there is a happy ending or not.


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  2. Ah! I take a short lunchbreak from the blogging cosmos and come back to find that you have a ton of followers?! Wow, times have changed! Keep up the far out work!



  5. I watched the After Story first do you think it would still be worth getting Clanned and seeing how they all came about?

  6. Have they ever had issues with copyright the the old, and still active, Irish folk group Clannad?

    • Oh yeah I was thinking of that too! Because while researching Clannad I kept coming across that band on Google…
      Well, I’m not too sure about stuff like these but I guess they’re from different genres so it doesn’t really affect much? :O Do you know anything about it?

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