Daily Lives of High School Boys

Also known as Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, or Danshiko, for short.

Daily Lives of High School Boys is about… the daily lives of high school boys. A slice of life anime about high school boys, instead of girls, for once.

The title says it all. I need not explain more, do I? – Girls, pranks, school, boredom, and more girls… It’s just another normal day for the boys. If you’re a fan of slice of life comedies (or even high school boys), then this series is for you.

I mean, what could possibly be more interesting than the daily lives of high school boys? 😉

But wait! Before I start introducing the anime like how I’d normally do for the other animes, I think I’ll let the boys explain this show to you guys.

T-They’d most probably do a better job, I think. What better way to introduce the daily lives of high school boys than to let the boys say it for themselves? So, drum roll please!

*cues in screenshots*

Oops! The cat is let out of the bag, but yeah you get the idea — pretty much.

So what do you think the “interesting parts of those daily lives” would be about? If it’s high school boys we’re talking about… then their lives should be filled with pretty high school girls and red-hot spicy romances, am I right?

If you’re thinking along the same lines as me, then, well, sorry to disappoint all of you and crush all your shojo hopes.

It’s alright! Even if they’re not in a mixed school, they can still make female friends with girls outside, like from another girls’ school, or perhaps their schoolmates’ little sisters.

Assuming they even have the guts to approach the girls first.

And therefore a part of this anime is about overcoming life’s greatest challenges, be it life-or-death situations like approaching someone of the opposite gender…

… Or simply every day situations like waking up in the morning.

But what these boys don’t know is that the high school girls pretty much have the same problems as well. Maybe not exactly the same… but somehow similar. In a way. I guess.

Perhaps this anime would clear some of the misunderstandings between the high school students of different genders, effectively bringing across the largely varying perspectives of students from both genders. Perhaps.

And maybe, just maybe, clearing this misunderstanding between the students from both genders would make this world a much better place to live in. Well, hopefully (assuming the daily lives of high school students are accurately portrayed).

So, for all the girls that are reading this post. Does that question about getting a boyfriend bug you for the bulk of your high school life? Hmm? Probably not for me, unless you change the question to: “how do you get an anime boyfriend”? Although I already do know the correct answer because it lies in dating games, otomes.

And of course, you know what they say – every new day of high school is a new adventure awaiting to be embarked on!

New monster battles, boss battles,  weapons, party members – the daily life of a high school boy will never be boring. In fact, it’s so interesting that it deserves an anime fully dedicated to portraying it!

Furthermore, high school boys are very, very curious beings.

Yearning to understand how the complicated minds of girls work, longing to know the tricky mechanisms behind the hearts of girls, they are curious to know how being a girl feels like.

What I mean is that – if they could understand girls perfectly, they could surely score a pretty hot target, right?

Though… I think they probably took the wrong approach. Quite a bad move. A very ineffective method. Or maybe they simply wanted to wear those skirts..?

More importantly, I guess the daily lives of high school boys are filled with fun and laughter. Dirty fun and laughter. Yes, I mean it in a perverted way. I mean, if high school boys weren’t perverted, would they be high school boys?

And the following screenshots might be disturbing to some innocent souls out there. So for their sake, I shall make these screenshots small – click to enlarge it at your own risk.

I know you want to click them. 😉

Hope that didn’t scar your eyes. If it did, then I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart. I must add in though, this series might not be your cup of tea since it’s probably too perverse or something. Either that, or prepare to be polluted! 😉

Alright alright, I should’ve placed the perverted stuff at the end of this post so it wouldn’t scare readers away halfway through the most. Perverted thoughts aside, please do read on!

High school life, whether for the gentlemen or the ladies, is all about friendship! How could we possibly pull through high school without all our wonderful friends, let alone have so much fun.

Who needs girlfriends when we’re having so much fun with our friends!

But wait! High school isn’t all about smiles and laughter.

Well, although smiles and laughter are large majorities in our high school lives, as much as we have our ups in high school, we also have our downs. So let’s not forget that high school is also about rejection, anger, blood and gore.

Uh, pretty much.

These high school boys aren’t your usually sparkly charming, handsome men. Even with their average and un-bishie looks, these boys are l-o-v-e-a-b-l-e.

I don’t get what’s holding you back from watching this awesome show.

… Unless it’s that part that’s holding you back. Oh, you know, the creepy undergarments part. Fine, that, I’ll have to admit that it’s rather creepy, but at least you have a warning now! I didn’t then, and that scene kinda scarred me a little, but let’s just say I got polluted and getting over the trauma was just a matter of time.

The same could go for you too! 😉

Uh, my point is that, don’t let the undergarments hold you back. It isn’t worth it, giving this show a miss. I wouldn’t if I were you. Seriously.

It isn’t really that bad……..

… I guess.

Just look at these three. High school life just seems so filled with fun.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to start watching Daily Lives of High School Boys.

You won’t regret it, other than the fact that you can’t get the image of the boys wearing lingerie our of your head. I wish you all the best. 😀

4 responses to “Daily Lives of High School Boys

  1. It looks interesting, and I love slice of life animes! I guess I’ll watch it after I finish Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai.

  2. Is it too perverted? I’m planning on watching this with my sis 14 . Don’t wanna scar her lol

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