I rarely watch shows with suspense, mystery, supernatural and all that yada-yada, but when someone asks me what my favourite suspense show is, the first show that comes to my mind is Durarara!!.

It wasn’t a show that I liked from the start. Yes, it had pretty neat art, but I hardly watched these kind of ~deep~ shows so I was really confused at the start. Yes, I immerse myself in sparkling shojos and whatnot, so this wasn’t a show I’d go for. However, Durarara!! received overwhelmingly good reviews so I decided to give it a shot. And there weren’t any regrets. 😀 In fact, I’m really happy I didn’t ever put it down.

If you like suspense, action or supernatural themed shows, you should definitely give Durarara!! a go. The characters are lovable, the storyline is filled with lots of surprises, and the action is awesome. All of that with a tinge of modern reality.

And so the story unfolds by introducing to you a gentle lil’ boy that moves to Ikebukuro, interested in the outrageously bustling city, after his childhood lover friend, Kida, asked him to. They’ll even attend the same school, just so that they can spend more time together. They can never get enough of each other, can they?

Ah, the touching reunion of childhood lovers friends. Meet Mikado.

I-It’s not like I moved to Ikebukuro just to see you!

Oh, admit it already, Mikado. 😉

Acting as a tour guide, Kida shows Mikado around town. We’re then shown a city where normal things happen everyday – flying vending machines tossed at a giggly information broker, that sadistic information broker having a fetish for stepping on cellphones, a sexy headless motorcyclist with a figure of an hourglass, a creepily optimistic russian sushi seller that randomly falls from the sky when you least expect it…

How normal can this city get?

I would say that I’d like to live in a city like that. But on second thoughts… Maybe not after all. I wonder if this is the city Mikado is here for.

Wait, if you think that’s it, you’re wrong. That’s not all.

In all cities, there are people. When there are people, there are gangs. When there are gangs, there are gang fights. And when there are gang fights, there are heaps of action scenes (dedicated to all of you action-loving kiddies out there) and of course, literal kick-ass violence along with blood.

Oh, and not to forget a powerful gang shrouded in mystery, probably a force that shouldn’t be reckoned with, that had their name given by rich kids which were inspired by…

Money. Just kidding.

What’s there not to love about Durarara!!?

Of course, Mikado still has school. He doesn’t have time to solve mysteries everyday like main characters in other shows, where they don’t seem to attend school at all. But who says there aren’t interesting things happening in school too (perhaps just not flying vending machines and all that)?

And to all of you romance driven individuals (I did it! I used a nice word! I didn’t say forever alone singles! :D) out there, that’s where romance comes in. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – of course I mean you’re not the only one. Ah, innocent teenage love. And of course, importantly, friendship too.

Bromance! And what, a love triangle? Wait, this isn’t drama… Nor is it yaoi.

Did I ever mention my fetish for meganes, or bespectacled characters? How about one with a laboratory coat. Sounds good?

He’s real cute. But sadly I have to break to you the sad news that one of his hands is forever glued to his face. That’s the deadly curse that fall upon the unfortunate in this show. We’ve never quite seen the professor’s side cheek.

Did I get you there? If you think I was serious, then happy belated April Fools! I owed you guys at least that. Okay okay back to being serious.

All of these characters come from all walks of life, or probably different ends of this earth. Some, I suspect, don’t even belong to this world. How are they even related to each other? Well, you’ve gotta watch to find out. 😉

I don’t want to spoil your fun! Just be ready for surprises. Well, I bet you won’t. Because if you were ready it wouldn’t be a surprise anyway. Durarara!!’s really good at it though. Or maybe it’s just me and my denseness…

Surprise surprise!

Surprises aside, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if I mentioned, “Shizaya”. I’m sure you’ve heard of Shizuo and Izaya, or condensed simply, “Shizaya”. They’re pretty notorious famous, especially if you’re a fujoshi or an otaku surrounded by fujoshis. Everyone ships them!

… Even the otakus in the show ship them. They’re definitely a pair made in heaven uh, studio. They show their love pretty explicitly (by trying to kill each other — such cuddly acts of love!) in the show… but this isn’t a yaoi, it’s just us fangirls’ imagination. They’ve a really big fanbase, doujinshis are pretty common and are circulating rather quickly. It hasn’t ever been stated that they’re crushing on each other, but hey, letting a little of our imagination go wild won’t do any harm, would it?

Shizaya, you’re famous!

And if you’re wondering who they are, well, meet Shizuo, the one who has been throwing vending machines at his crush, Izaya, who is that sadist with the weird fetish for stepping on cellphones. In my opinion, they were the two most entertaining characters to watch in this series.

They chase each other all around the city, and I’m pretty sure all of us are familiar with the love-hate relationship that couples usually have in romances. Just that, well, perhaps this couple’s hatred is just a little extreme, but that only intensifies and proves as an evidence of their overflowing love for each other – so much that they can’t keep it within themselves, they have to show it with flashy acts of love, like throwing knives and trucks at each other.

Pretty normal for a couple really.

About the otakus I mentioned earlier… What are otakus doing in such a violent city? But I have nothing against them, for they are fellow Shizaya shippers. And they bring so much fun into the anime, because they treat reality as their own fantasy, like how all of us treat ours.

Wait, what do they have to do with the bizarre storyline!?

And wait again, remind me what the storyline is again? A little boy coming to a new city? And meeting his childhood friend? And going to school together? Huh!?

Gah I can’t say anything without spoilers so just watch the show already if you haven’t. Heehee. 😛

I want those dolls too!

Now that was the most scattered introduction I’ve ever given. But that’s just how Durarara!! rolls. You’ve just gotta keep up with the flow, but yet the flow isn’t quite distinct. The series never fail to surprise me. But then again, it could be because I’m new to all these twists and turns…

I shall conclude this post with my thoughts.

It was wacky, but realistic. I’m not familiar with the supernatural genre, but to me, well, in my opinion, supernatural is somewhere between fantasy and reality. Durarara!! was set in a realistic, modern city, but yet with certain elements that didn’t make it quite a normal city. And I guess that’s what makes it interesting.

Durarara!! felt like a character-orientated story, with each character telling their side of the story, but yet the story is never revealed to you fully. The characters are so well developed and uniquely entertaining, though they shift focus from character to character rather easily, but it never quite deviates from the actual storyline. Each character is there for a reason or another, but we just don’t know why. Sometimes, I’d exclaim to myself, “but. but. but. I thought he was the main character!?”

It’s like giving you a piece of the puzzle in every episode, leaving you to piece everything together. I guess that’s why at the start, I didn’t know what was happening and even went to the extent of replaying certain parts to attempt to understand the entire situation. But I realised, after awhile, that in these shows, you  just have to be patient. They’re not going to reveal to you everything in one episode. I guess Durarara!! taught me that. It isn’t quite straightforward as my usual shojos. And I didn’t like spoilers either, so it was just “watch on!” for me.

Simply put, it was refreshing. Maybe I’ll give a go at other suspense shows, though I shouldn’t watch too many or I’d grow bald after pulling all my hair out. That’s gonna hurt. I wonder if the people that write all these suspense stories are sadists? They love to torment the audience, don’t they? 😛

12 responses to “Durarara!!

  1. Since I don’t do shipping, I had no idea there was a pairing of Shizuo and Izayo until recently. Haha. I loved the show, though. Watched it and was really impressed by it. I’m glad you liked it even though it didn’t have all the pretty boys. 🙂

    • I ain’t a superficial person, though of course a show with pretty boys would look more appealing to me. I think a better way to put it, would be that I love romances. And with most romances, there would be pretty boys, so I guess that’s where the boys come in 😉

      I’m surprised you didn’t know about the pairing! If I remember correctly, Erika was fangirl-ing over Shizuo and Izaya in the last episode. That was when I started to think, hey, your logic makes sense — who goes around chasing each other madly for so long? They’re pretty much head over heels with each other.

      • I didn’t think much about her fangirl-ing. I just thought their whole battle was hilarious. It reminded me of the Family Guy episodes where every time Peter and this big chicken see each other, they start fighting. It just never crossed my mind. I’m guessing if its not something you don’t normally think about, it is not as readily apparent.

        Have you watched Hiiro No Kakera? It looks like something you may like…I think.

        • Yeah I do get what you mean. Brainless, crazy, but entertaining violence, I’d call it. At first it didn’t cross my mind either, but I guess Erika evoked my feelings for that ship. Ever since then, every single time I saw Shizuo and Izaya brawling around, that thought about how they’re probably in love just wouldn’t leave my mind. ><

          Oh, Hiiro no Kakera, the otome game? The anime is relatively new I think, though I haven't checked it out yet. Have you? Is it good? 🙂 Though I do think that generally, anime adapted from otomes aren't usually famous for their storylines.

          And I'm generally not picky about anime, I usually just receive recommendations from friends and pick the anime up when I have time. I guess that explains my massive to-watch-list…

          • The anime not the game. Looks to be a reverse harem with loads of pretty guys. I have only watched the first episode, though, and the story seemed interesting.

            • Yeah, but isn’t the anime adapted from the game? It’s an otome, so naturally it’d be a reverse harem. The guys are really pretty too!

              Reverse harem + Pretty boys + Fantasy + Romance = 😀

              • I don’t know anything about the games that become animes. I don’t play them so I was speaking of the anime. But if you know and like the game, you probably will like the show. I don’t dislike it; just kept laughing about how the guys were introduced and how the girl responded.

                • Ooh, I’ll check it out soon enough. I’m currently watching many others at the moment, so I won’t be starting new ones for the time being.

                  I didn’t know you were into reverse harem!

                  • I’m not! LOL. I just decided to watch it without knowing anything about it. It took me to all the way to the end of the first episode to realize it was a reverse harem.

                    • You must’ve felt attracted to the pretty boys~ First impressions are really important, anyway. 😉
                      Hahahaha romantic idiots like myself recognise a reverse harem at a glance.

                    • One of them was cute. What made me realize it was a reverse harem was how they were introduced and how the female character kept responding to them. I started laughing when I put it together.

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