I need to study :(

Oh, the joy of being a student in a society where the focus is on your grades. You can’t do this, you can’t do that, if you don’t have that golden A plus on your result slip. And I’m not talking about just A (which is A for Average, hahaha), I’m talking about A plus.

So off I go to face the pile of homework I have been neglecting for a really long time. I sometimes turn to anime and manga to escape the harsh realities of, well, harsh reality. Which does explain why I would prefer not to watch an anime that brings out the harshness of harsh reality, so harsh that it couldn’t be more harsh; that would only make me hate reality more than I already do.

On a side note, I like hash browns. Psst, I had better hush my use of “harsh”. Man, this is fun (anything is fun whenever you have homework left undone, even staring at the ceiling).

I’ve been told I wouldn’t have a future if I don’t study, and get good grades, which goes without saying, so what other choice do I have? Shrugs.

I aspire to be a millionaire (or marry one), so I guess I have to work hard. Now where was that story about millionaires having bad school grades..

Update: I forgot to mention this, but I’ll post something by early May once my exams are over. I’m really sorry about all this. As much as I would like to update this blog as often as possible, I guess studies come first. After all, studies always come first. Sigh.

14 responses to “I need to study :(

  1. Look at this and it’ll probably cheer you up 😀

    • Woah, why do you have a picture of my brain you stalker! 😛

      • Now firstly, that’s my brain too!

        And you don’t call me a stalker. You call ugly people stalkers. You call someone as awesome as me a “secret admirer”. Get the difference between those two right!

        How’s history going so far?

        • We share the same brain! Now where’s that hypothalamus…

          Yes Madam Ingrish! Thanks for the vocabulary tips. If it comes out during the exam I’d write your definition in. If I get it wrong it’s your fault! 😛

          Oh. History. I haven’t started hahahahha *goes to open bag which has been lying on the floor ever since I came home*

  2. Good luck with your exams!
    I still have a few months until my exams and now I’m in Easter holiday.

  3. I think i can relate with you ^^
    1. i read manga to escape the reality
    2. i don’t study, was told too that i won’t have bright future. (but then i HATE academic school, i don’t like studying math, and other lessons. i like to study arts, music, and instruments)
    3. i too, aspire to be a millionaire (but i do nothing)

    however, i think i can’t marry a millionaire except if all the manga’s will turn into reality. Because my ideal guys are in 2d characters.

    • I don’t think everyone’s good in academics, people have their own areas of interest and talent! It wouldn’t work to force everyone to pursue only academics because we would end up with a generation of the same kind of people. I’ve always believed we required variety. 😀 Academics shouldn’t ever kill creativity too!

      Art and music students are cool! I’ve never been exposed to those… My parents signed me up for sports instead, so I’ve always thought that people who could draw or play instruments are cool. I could never do any of that.

      But like it or not, we can never run away from reality! Over here in my school, academic is a must, it’s a first priority, it’s the most important thing in your life. But I don’t even enjoy it! 😛

      Heehee I wish my life were a manga, then I’d meet my prince charming and then there’ll be lots of flowers and sparkles and all I ever need to do is to think about what should I cook for dinner for my beloved prince charming. Though I can’t cook…

      • Aww come on, in real life everyone has a Prince Charming too. Yours just took a wrong turn and is too stubborn to ask for directions 😀

        • Aw, that’s cute of him. However, fate shall bring me and my prince charming together some day… I’m just waiting for that moment!

          P.s. pssst don’t say my name here! Call me claw 😀

      • My parents won’t understand that i don’t like academics. More so, i was enrolled since grade school to a school where competition is everywhere…
        I, too, see Art and Music students cool. In the end i never learned any instruments so I have given up on that dream already.
        It sucks especially when you know it yourself but you still wanna run away from it.. I’m really wishing my life would be like that too, just admiring the guy you’re in love to, sometimes I do think that a shounen manga life would be cool too where you think nothing except to survive, but then I am so lazy to survive in that kind of life.

        • Yeah about the shounen manga part!! It’s so cool but I think it would be really tiring running around the place everyday fighting baddies and saving everyone. I would prefer to be a rich lady sipping tea everyday, enjoying life. 😀

          I think you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. It’s hard to find something that you really like – once you find it, don’t give it up! You may never come across something like that ever again.

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