Pandora Hearts

For some reason, my previous Pandora Hearts post had an entire chunk of text and pictures missing… So I’m publishing the complete Pandora Hearts post here. Sorry for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy my post! 🙂

Do you like fantasy or mystery animes? Especially one with twists? How about something that keeps you in suspense? All of this sprinkled with humour and of course, some butt-kicking action?

Then Pandora Heart’s for you.

I’m finally doing a review on my all-time favourite anime! Well, I have to admit that I have quite a few favourites, because like most people I just can’t exactly make up my mind. It’s quite difficult to choose an all-time favourite anime. I truly admire people who can do that. However, I can safely say that Pandora Hearts is my favourite fantasy anime. :D

Pandora Hearts is an anime full of twists – with the ever famous plot about the life of a normal, ignorant boy being turned upside down, never to be the same again.

And that lucky boy is Oz Vessalius. Oz is just a normal boy leading a carefree life, with almost everything he ever needed or wanted, well, with the exception of paternal love. He may be rich and have the cutest servant in the entire universe (Gil!! *fangirls*), but he could never acquire his father’s acknowledgement, let alone love. For some reason, Oz’s father appears to be ashamed of having such a son. As such, Oz hardly ever sees his father. Even when he does, he’s usually given the cold shoulder or treated hostilely. No matter how hard Oz tries to receive his father’s praise or acknowledgement, his father holds a permanent grudge against him that perhaps amounts to hatred.

However, Oz still has an understanding uncle that’s rather fatherly in a sense, but I guess he could never fill up that spot as a “father” in Oz’s heart.

Now let’s talk about Oz’s personal servant, Gil (I’m writing about Gilbert because he’s my favourite character :P , please do excuse and forgive this hopeless fangirl). Gilbert is Oz’s best friend and servant. He’s really loyal to (not to mention protective of) Oz and listens to whatever Oz says, but whenever you look at both of them, they just look like good friends rather than master and servant (and perhaps a cute, loving couple in yaoi fangirls’ eyes).

Gilbert is not only my favourite character in Pandora Hearts, he’s also my all-time favourite anime character. I don’t think I’ve liked any character better than him. Oh, Gil, my love.

Isn’t Gil so cute? Oh, and I forgot to add that he has an extreme phobia of cats. Oz loves bullying playing with Gil, especially making use of Gil’s weakness to tease him for Oz’s own entertainment. I have to admit, I kind of think they’re pretty cute together. Nyaa!

Oz spends most of his time with his little sister, Ada, as well as Gilbert. Just like that, they spend most of their childhood together doing what children ought to do – playing and wasting their time away without any troubles or a single a care in the world.

Don’t you miss those times?

Just when you thought Oz’s life couldn’t get any more normal, strange things start to happen unexpectedly (or not?) to him. And that’s where the adventure, mystery and twists come in!

It all mysteriously started with that mysterious pocket watch hanging at a mysterious grave which is mysteriously underground. How mysterious indeed.

And like all main characters – curiosity got the better of Oz, but I figured it would be ironic to say “curiosity killed the cat” here, because if Oz were a cat then Gil would be afraid of Oz. :D

… And now for the long awaited turning point of the series.

Oz’s life will never be the same again.

Oz is the next heir to the prestigious Vessalius dukedom. His coming-of-age ceremony is an important event to him as well as the entire Vessalius dukedom, as it signifies his reaching of adulthood. However, things doesn’t seem to go smoothly as planned. Oz doesn’t know any of this, of course.

After the Oz’s coming of age ceremony, Oz is in a whole new situation in which I can’t really describe it here therefore you have to go and watch it yourself to find out more. ;)  

<On a side note, I think I’m not really good at writing reviews without spoilers. I don’t actually know how much to reveal, and to what extent. Sometimes it feels like I’m not writing about much but sometimes it feels like I’m revealing a little too much. Oh, the pains of being a spoiler-free review blog! But then again, it’s better like this. I mean look at the bright side – if I were to write reviews with spoilers (aka full anime reviews), I would probably just go on and on and on.>

And who is this girl? Why do we keep seeing her everywhere (most of the time with Oz)? How is she even related to Oz in the first place?

Join Oz as he unravels the mystery about who he truly is, the reason of his existence, and perhaps, just perhaps, why his father detests him to the core. There are many stories interlinked, and fate has brought the intertwined together. As they find out more about themselves and their past, puzzle pieces would start to fall in place…

Along the way, Oz will meet new friends as well as enemies that aid him along his journey- but you never know who you can trust, and who you can’t. How are they related to Oz, and what do they want from him? He meets all sorts of people, ranging from just plain creepy all the way to a sadistic man with a brother complex. Sounds interesting, no?

… I’m interested, as long as he’s good looking. 😉 There’s actually many more good looking guys in the anime series, but I just showed the pictures of the main few that follows Oz throughout his adventure.

I guess other than the intriguing storyline of Pandora Hearts, the character design and development is a selling point of Pandora Hearts. Not the action though.. I don’t think the fighting scenes in Pandora Hearts was all that good. It wasn’t the main point or focus of Pandora Hearts, so don’t expect too much.

In addition, I do think that the guys in Pandora Hearts are really attractive. What’s better than a picture to prove my point?

Pandora Hearts holds a special place in my heart. After the anime ended, I just couldn’t take it anymore so I went to read the manga. The manga is much better (as per usual like all other series), I suppose, although I really enjoyed the anime because of Gil’s voice acting as well as the great sound effects, and also not to forget, the opening theme song. The opening theme song is really good – you should check it out especially if you’re a fan of FictionJunction‘s music.

I do know, to some, the art style is ordinary and unappealing. I have to agree on this point – the animation isn’t great, but it feels to a certain extent neat to me and I’m not too picky about art, so I’m alright with any kind of anime as long as the storyline and character development is good.

Pandora Hearts happened to be my very first manga. :) The manga is still ongoing, but the anime has already ended (it covered till chapter 32 if I’m not wrong). I wonder if there’ll be a season 2. I prefer the manga, though I must say that the twists are driving me closer and closer to insanity. And the suspense! Imagine waiting weeks just for the next chapter to come out – especially if the previous chapter left you hanging.

If this is your cup of tea, why not check Pandora Hearts out? I enjoyed it, so maybe you would too!

And if you enjoyed the anime, be sure to check out the manga to answer all that questions in your head. No wait, it might get you more confused. Hmm…


9 responses to “Pandora Hearts

  1. I kind of hate you right now =O
    Why? Because I have an “animes to see” list, and It’s already too long…
    Now, I won’t rest until I see this one ;___;

    Thanks for letting me know that Pandora Hearts it’s that great >.>

    BTW. Here’s a VN that you may like:

    And here’s the opening:

    You don’t have to worry about downloading it, because the company that made the game doesn’t exist anymore 😀

    • I’m sorry~
      Don’t hate me </3 T.T

      Okay another game to play! Yay!
      I finished the Drowned Mermaid a week or two ago. Because I played it at night, it scared me out! I'm a scaredy-cat (if that's how you spell it). I really like the happy endings though. Especially with the doctor. =D
      And I want to have a route with the mermaid. He's so cute!!
      It was fun, I likeD it a lot because it was easy to play, so I didn't have to think too much. Heehee. 😀

      Thanks for everything ❤

    • I started playing it recently (and almost finished it) and it’s worth playing. The characters and the storyline are great~

  2. I loved it as much as you.

    • Really? I’ve always felt that one of the reasons why I love Pandora Hearts so much is because of my emotional attachment to Gil. I guess when you get emotionally attached to a character you tend to like the entire series even if it’s horrible.
      But that doesn’t mean Pandora Hearts is horrible. I loved it so much. The twists and turns, and well, the omakes were awesome. 🙂

  3. I think I’m gonna cry I want Alice and oz to be together but haven’t seen the last episode I don’t want to end this beautiful anime TT^TT

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