Neo Angelique Abyss

We love reverse harem (though we often get jealous of the female character). So, how about a group of guys who know how to kick butt? And all this set in an alternate fantasy world?

Neo Angelique Abyss follows Angelique as she embarks on her adventure with her own harem in an alternate world called Arcadia, where Thanatos endanger the people. These monsters can be defeated by rare Purifiers, who happen to be all good-looking guys (you guessed it). One day, Angelique realises she has a special power buried deep inside of her… A power foretold in legends, a power that can exterminate these Thanatos!

Neo Angelique Abyss starts like any other fantasy show. It starts with a normal schoolgirl living a normal life doing normal things. Until one day, a handsome, rich gentleman (aka ideal man) who she’s never seen before, appears in front of her, inviting her to join him in his quest to exterminate the Thanatos. Angelique, unaware of her power, rejects his offer, because she has other plans for herself. Soon enough, she realises this power when activated during a confrontation with  Thanatos, while protecting people in danger. And so her adventure begins – an adventure to exterminate the Thanatos as well as meet more hot guys new friends along the way!

Meet the Orb Hunters. This group, founded by Nyx, comprises of Purifiers who dedicate their lives to exterminate Thanatos. This was the group that Nyx invited Angelique to, after discovering the powers that Angelique had in her. Angelique joins this group, and to her satisfaction, it is filled with good-looking men! I shan’t introduce every single guy in this show to you as there is really quite a big cast of characters. I guess pictures would do the trick since they do make a better introduction.

From left: JD, Nyx, Rayne, Hyuuga

By the way, don’t you agree with me that Nyx looks absolutely sexy fighting with a whip? Although sometimes I wonder how does he even survive, I mean, just compare that with Rayne’s Pew Pew Gun.

Let me entertain you with some photos of them in action! 😉

When there’s trouble, you know who to call… Teen Titans Orb Hunters!
(For some reason I found the last two pictures quite amusing… Nope, I’m not a sadist. I sometimes find myself being somewhat of a masochist actually.)

And if you think that’s all, you’re absolutely wrong. I’m pleased to present to you many other guys that Angelique meets on the way. And oh, did I mention that Angelique is the only female Purifier in the entire world? Talk about lucky!

I’m not really going to tell you who she’s going to meet and where she meets them, because that’s pretty much going to spoil the entire story, so as per usual I shall just tickle your fancy with some pictures. Come on, it’s self-service, pick and choose any guy to your liking!

Woah that’s a really large cast (and a really large number of good looking guys). The pictures really saved me the trouble of introducing them, do you feel like you want to know more about them? Well, if you do, watch the anime then. 😉 Geez, I’m such a great advertiser.

Okay, now for my thoughts of the anime. I actually do have quite a lot to say. If you’re thinking of watching Neo Angelique Abyss for the action, I’m going to have to kindly request for you to lower your expectations on the action part. Everything was rather, bright, I’d say. How should I put this – it doesn’t really have a dark theme, and the fighting scenes aren’t intense since it is rather unrealistic. I mean I do understand it is classified under fantasy and its setting is in an alternate universe, but the action, in my opinion, could be described as “glamorous action”, of course being influenced by shojo themes. Honestly, at some parts, I found the fighting scenes quite lame. The Thanatos just seem to be small fries with not much of a threat. You may think otherwise, but for me, when I go for action, I go for action. Hope you get what I mean.

Action aside, as it is a reverse harem, don’t expect it to have full-fledged romance in it. After all, it is adapted from an otome game.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed Angelique, in the sense that the storyline was interesting enough, there was appropriate humour here and there, and the character developments for the main cast were quite well done. Most importantly, the characters are all so good-looking, it’s rather difficult to find fault with an anime series like that. 😛

If you’re not one that focuses on the action, why not try Neo Angelique Abyss? I didn’t mind the lack of intense action, so I’m alright with it.

If you enjoyed Neo Angelique Abyss, and want more, you could always try the otome game in the Angelique series. If I’m not wrong, Angelique is one of the first few otome games in the market, so it’s like the ancestor for all otome games. You should probably check it out, although I think they look pretty weird in the game due to the art.

Well that’s all for my review! I’d love to say more, but I’d spoil everything, and I wouldn’t want to do that!

Hope you enjoyed my review. 🙂


5 responses to “Neo Angelique Abyss

  1. Nyx is awesome with that whip~ I also recommend this anime, it’s worth watching! 😀

  2. Lame fighting scenes? Geez… That’s kind of disapointing, but I’m gonna see it anyway (Too much fan service to resist).

    “Harukanaru Toki No Naka De – Hashiyoushou” (Such a LARGE name) is quite good, but the characters of Neo Angelique Abyss look nicer.

    Thanks for the review~ :3

    • Fanservice > Action? 😛

      Wow that name sure is long, is that reverse harem too? And yay I love historical settings! I’ll definitely check this out. 😉

      You’re welcome~!

  3. Do you know where I can play the game version of this?

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