Princess Princess

Don’t be deceived. The 3 beautiful ladies in front of you now are actually three boys from an all-boys school that are being made to dress as girls. They are referred to as “Princesses”.

Wait, what? Why? In an all boys school, there aren’t any females to bring fun or motivate the boys in the school. Left, right, up, down- Males are everywhere! They are surrounded by nothing but their own kind. To counter this, why not recruit pretty boys to dress up as females to spice up the lives of the deprived schoolboys?

First years with desired appearances and personalities would be fortunately, or unfortunately, chosen to be a “Princess”. Once a Princess, one would have to wear girl clothes created by the home economics club and make an appearance during school events, interact with students to bring joy and happiness into their dull and lonely lives, as well as encourage and cheer the students on to strive for the best in everything.

For example, the Princesses would cheer on sport teams during their tedious, tiring training. Upon looking at the beautiful Princesses’ smiling faces, even if it’s just a glance, and hearing their melodic voices, the athletes regain their energy and continue their training with tenfold enthusiasm and newfound motivation.

Of course, such a job shouldering so many heavy responsibilities is not one without rewards. Eating in school is absolutely free for the Princesses due to their luncheon vouchers. Not enough money to buy textbooks, stationery, or any other necessity? No fear, these are all fully paid for and provided by the school. Princesses get lots of privileges and benefits! Extra pocket money can also be earned through photo shoots by the photography club, where the Princesses are the models and subject of the photographs which would then be sold to the rest of the students in the school.

Now, the question is, would these high school boys accept the role of a Princess and do their duties willingly? Well, it’s not like they have a choice anyway. I don’t think it is possible to choose not to be a Princess once you are being picked. Either that, or the consequences are so serious that it is impossible to say “no”. With all that benefits of being a Princess, who could resist? Our main lead, Toru, the one in blue hair, is a new student in this school and simply can’t turn such a marvelous offer down. Furthermore, being a Princess would allow him to be self-sufficient and not burden his family.

Princess Princess follows Toru as he develops a strong friendship (and perhaps, just maybe, more than friendship?) with the two other Princesses, Yuujiro and Mikoto, and covers the fun life and adventure of a Princess. Toru is voiced by Jun Fukuyama, so, hip hip hooray! Well now, let’s have at least a few pictures of the 3 boys looking like boys (this sounds pretty weird).

My favourite Princess is Mikoto, the one with red/pink hair! Mikoto is a really comical character in the series, and has the most dramatic expressions in the group. His reactions to teasing by Toru and Yuujiro are always amusing. Furthermore, Mikoto is strongly opposed to crossdressing, as well as doing most of the Princess’ duties. Despite him often grumbling about the Princess’ duties, he still completes the what he has to do anyway. His actions can be explained with a simple, innocent answer: He has a girlfriend. I’m pretty sure we can empathise with him here. The show gets really interesting with his element added in.

I believe there are also very slight shonen-ai themes in Princess Princess – it might have been close to negligible or none at all, but this could have been pretty much caused by my over-imaginative mind. They do hint a little romance here and there, but I shan’t tell you who it’s between. 😉

Ready for some crossdressing fun with pretty boys? I’m ready!


Sorry for not reviewing in such a long time, the start of the year has really been extremely hectic for me. I’m still adjusting back to my school life, but it seems to be really stressful this year with teachers hurling us homework whenever possible. I’ll try my best to review whenever I can, you have my word.

Thank you for reading animeguyspl0x and being so patient with me! I don’t know what I’ll do without you guys. ❤


4 responses to “Princess Princess

  1. I recently watched the anime and it’s great and really funny! Nice review!

  2. I like Princess Princess!

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