Peach Girl

Your usual love triangle! I’m not a big fan of love triangles, especially if the heroine can’t make up her mind between the two boys. Poor boys! Peach Girl is actually one of the most intense love triangles I’ve ever encountered. This series has really got me quite worked up due to its story line, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I’ll save my thoughts for the last part! 🙂

Peach Girl follows a high school girl named Momo, who is really tan and has bleached hair due to constant exposure to chlorinated pools. People think she’s ganguro, but she’s actually just an innocent little girl in the swim team who’s secretly in love with her classmate, Toji, for many years. Unfortunately for Momo, she has a “friend”, Sae, that attempts to copy or steal everything Momo has, which of course, includes Toji. And soon a third party, Kairi, joins in this complicated love struggle. It’s your usual drama: a love triangle with the addition of an entertainingly jealous female villain.

Let’s start with the main girl, Momo. Momo used to be in the swim team, but she stopped swimming because she heard from a friend that Toji apparently disliked tanned girls. She got really concerned with that and thus avoided getting tanned whenever she could. Due to her tanned skin, her classmates pretty much ignored her. There’s also been rumours flying around here and there about Momo being sexually promiscuous, so you could say she’s being outcast by everyone. However, Momo’s nothing like what the rumours say. Poor Momo.

Meet the girl behind the widespread rumours, the only “friend” of Momo, as well as the most entertaining villain in the show – Sae. She’s pretty much jealous of Momo and does everything to make Momo’s life difficult, so she could laugh at Momo being humiliated. Despite her innocent appearance, she’s actually a cunning little girl that lies to gain popularity; a wolf in sheep’s skin. Of course, after finding out Momo’s love interest, she’s going all out to steal that from Momo. When I read comments about Peach Girl, 3/4 of them are insults to Sae. People get really worked up, you see. They would curse her to die and all that, but I personally feel that without Sae, Peach Girl just wouldn’t be the same.

Next, we have Toji, the guy that the two girls were initially fighting over. Momo has had a crush on this boy for quite some time. After Sae finds out about this, she uses underhand means to obtain him, though we know that Toji will never truly love Sae. Toji sincerely loves Momo and stays faithful to her throughout Peach Girl, protecting her from the clutches of evil Sae, though still falling for Sae’s dirty tricks every now and then, unable to see through her. These tricks cause the relationship between Momo and Toji to weaken, to Sae’s pleasure. Stupidity aside (which can be forgiven, of course), the worse thing about him is the lack of trust he has in Momo. Furthermore, he has the mindset that “in order for you to be safe and happy, I’m sorry but I have to pretend to betray you”, which doesn’t really make sense at times because Momo wouldn’t be able to be happy if she thinks that you’re betraying her. Sometimes I would just think, why don’t you just expose all of Sae’s schemes? Doesn’t that solve everything? Nevertheless, you’d have to give him credit for his undying love and loyalty for Momo.

Lastly, we have Kairi, who is my favourite character in this entire series. I might be a little biased towards him as I write, so I apologise in advance! Kairi seems to be the only one in the entire series to be able to see through all of Sae’s cunning schemes. He does not believe Sae’s lies and instead, believes in Momo. This is something we do not see in Toji’s case – the mutual trust a couple should have for each other. This was the main factor that caused me to ship Momo x Kairi. In addition, Kairi has an outgoing and carefree character, which brought much laughter to the series after all that steam released from getting angry at Sae. He loosens our crumpled eyebrows and saves us from ugly wrinkles. He gains an interest in Momo, which eventually develops into love. However, he’s notorious for being a big flirt and a playboy, so we don’t know if he’s serious in Momo!  The love triangle is completed when Kairi starts to woo Momo. Oh, this is too much drama for me. -rubs temples due to headache-

And so the drama ensues! Who will Momo choose? She’s rather indecisive, to my dismay. She really can’t make up her mind, but to have such nice guys going for her so passionately, it must really be a hard decision. If I were her, I would immediately choose Kairi and make my feelings known to Toji so I don’t drag on this frustrating love triangle. I guess she can’t really let go of her feelings for Toji that easily, him being her crush for so long, so it’s understandable. While watching Peach Girl, I would groan every single time Toji gets a score with Momo, and cheer when Kairi does. It really was fun, in every episode, to see who manages to capture Momo’s feelings. I guess although it was really giving me a headache, I had a fun time fighting with my friends on who would get Momo in the end. This caused me to finish Peach Girl all in one go, because I didn’t want to be kept in suspense!

And oh, did I mention how much Peach Girl reminded me of Bokura ga Ita? Or was it the other way round…

And of course, let us not forget our precious villain that spices up the entire show – Sae! Will she be able to ruin Momo’s life successfully and gain what she wants? Or will she be exposed of her hideous deeds, when everyone finally sees through her lies?

So who will eventually end up with Momo? Or will Momo just take forever to make up her mind (in which I will never ever ever forgive her for that)? Watch Peach Girl to find out! I support Momo and Kairi forever! How about you?


10 responses to “Peach Girl

  1. Hahaha. Your blog post makes me want to watch this show although I find love triangles quite frustrating. And I like how the characters are drawn, for some reason that particular style is appealing to me.

    • Love triangles drive me crazy at times. I’m not used to so much drama. Hmm, could it be the way the eyes are drawn? I find their eyes really pretty, and oh, I think their body proportions are just right because they’re not stick thin or anything! Peach Girl is rather stylish to a certain extent, but I guess its style only appeals to a particular group of audience.

  2. Really like your summary of the show. I just spent two days watching this show and I’m do satisfied that I did. I really did not even feel like watching it after my cousin recommended it to me. But thanks to my sister (who is never into anime), who wanted to start watching it, I did too. Boy am I glad!

    I also fully support Kairi and Momo because he always supports and believes in Momo, which like you said Toji lacks.
    There are times when I slap my own forehead when Momo goes back to Toji, then I have to take a walk around the house to cool off, LOL.
    When she’s with Kairi I’m overjoyed with happiness.
    Kairi is just the more devoted person to me.

    This show is awesome!

    • I totally agree with you! Well, except for the walking round the house part. In my case, I would literally stand up and take deep breaths to cool myself down, hahaha.

      I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing if a show gets me so worked up. If that’s its purpose, then well, I must admit that they’ve done it really well. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be very healthy to get so worked up on a regular basis… What do you think?

      • Yeah you’re right it isn’t healthy. But fortunately the show isn’t that long, the ending made me feel like I was relieved from all the stress it put me through.

        However, if the show did not get me so worked up, I’m not sure if I would have liked it as much. A good rivalry (and in this case a double rivalry) is always necessary to keep us hooked to the show, I welcome it.
        But thanks for the advice about getting so worked up, I’m usually a calm guy so it doesnt affect me much.

        PS. Do you have any other anime that you’d recommend that has some of the elements of Peach girl, like a good romance, that involves teens, cuz I can relate since I’m in college.
        tnx (-^_^-)

        • Well, the first anime that came to my mind was Bokura ga Ita (We Were There). If you don’t mind its art, you should probably check it out.

          In fact, both Peach Girl and Bokura ga Ita (manga) won the same awards under the same genre, just that the award was issued by different publishers. I think I should warn you that Bokura ga Ita addresses teenage issues like sex, and thus has a little mention of sex, though it’s nothing explicit.

          While I was watching Peach Girl, I was constantly reminded of Bokura ga Ita. In both series, the love triangle was especially intense, although Bokura ga Ita got me face palming more than Peach Girl. I guess that’s a good thing since we’ve come to the conclusion that getting worked up is good? Wait why do I sound like a masochist, aha.

          Oh, and, there aren’t any awesome villains in Bokura ga Ita like Sae. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever quite find a villain that can match up to Sae.

          There’s actually a Taiwanese live action drama series of Peach Girl too. I haven’t watched it yet but you can check it out if you’re interested. And then there’s always the manga. 🙂

          • Okay thanks I’ll check out Bokura ga Ita and I was also interested in the live action Peach girl but, I wasn’t sure if it was any good.
            I’ve skimmed through the manga too.
            Thanks again!

            • If you do check out the live action drama, tell me about it sometime. 😀

              You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy Bokura ga Ita, or else I’ll feel guilty about a bad recommendation. 😛

  3. Peach Girl was a favorite 🙂

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