Samurai Deeper Kyo

Have a samurai fetish? Don’t worry, me too.

Samurai Deeper Kyo follows Demon Eyes Kyo, one of the most feared legendary samurai in the world, and the quest for his true body, while he actually resides in Mibu Kyoshiro’s body. Along the way, he meets friends and travelers that accompany him in his adventure as he defeats rivals opposing his way. We also learn more about both Kyo and Kyoshiro’s clashing personalities as well as the relationships between the characters as the story unfolds.

It’s quite hard to explain the story simply without spoiling too much, so I won’t go into the details, like the clans and tribes and swords and all that. I can imagine question marks popping out of everyone’s heads when I say Mibu clan or Tokugawa clan. It also makes my review less complicated and easier to understand without all that unknown vocabulary unless you’ve watched the anime or read the manga of course. Hope you don’t mind!

Despite sharing the same physical body, Kyo and Kyoshiro have totally opposite personalities. Which brings much comedy to the series! Can I mention how I absolutely love Kyo and Kyoshiro? I love samurais, especially the kimonos that they don on. They look so good in them. -drool- If you’re a fan of samurais, I’m pretty sure you’d love the Kyos (I shall just refer to both of them collectively) too, as well as the fighting scenes in Samurai Deeper Kyo. And oh, although it’s a fact that there’s romance in Samurai Deeper Kyo, I would say that the series focuses more on fighting and adventure, so don’t expect too much.

In contrast to:

So Kyoshiro meets a sexy female bounty hunter by the name of Shiina Yuya, who wants to take revenge on “the man who has a scar on his back”, for this man had killed her brother. She was also interested in the generous money reward for finding the wanted Demon Eyes Kyo. After spending time together with Kyoshiro, and Kyo when he awakens later, Yuya grows closer to both of them as a travelling companion as well as a friend (and maybe even closer than that).

Of course, on their way, they meet even more travelling companions, friends as well as rivals, all on their own separate paths but somehow or rather at a certain point of time, their paths cross each other. These characters form strong relationships with each other and aid each other in their quests, just like your usual shonen storylines. Amongst these characters, I liked Benitora and Yukimura the most! Benitora being the humorous and fun-loving character, and Yukimura being the cheerful samurai that always smiles (though he’s scary when he’s angry). Sadly there aren’t any main cast with meganes in Samurai Deeper Kyo. I guess it wouldn’t make sense to have guys with glasses prancing around, fighting, would it? 😛

I liked the fighting scenes in Samurai Deeper Kyo, because I generally like all fighting scenes involving samurais. Kyo’s rather sadistic, or maybe I should say, Kyo’s really sadistic, so fighting scenes are exciting! Who wouldn’t want to miss out on a handsome samurai brandishing his sword at his opponents? Whenever Kyo draws out his sword, I’ll shift excitedly to the edge of my seat, eager to see him slay all his opponents in his way. And you’ve got to love how Kyo says, “You heard it too, didn’t you? The voice of the wind.”

So Kyo and friends go on their adventure fighting rivals in their way and ultimately, completing their own personal quests. What is Kyo doing in Kyoshiro’s body? What is the relationship between both of them? And of course, will Kyo find his true body(or true love 😀 )?

All in all, I’d say I enjoyed Samurai Deeper Kyo. It was also one of the first few shonen animes that I’ve watched. I really really really like Kyo and Kyoshiro, but as usual I can’t really decide who I like better, so I’d be better off if they fused together into just one person. 😛 This anime had also gotten me into my samurai guy fetishes, it being the first anime with a samurai as a main character that I watched. This isn’t shojo, so don’t expect much of glitter, sparkles and pink romances. Instead, expect kick-ass fighting and action!


25 responses to “Samurai Deeper Kyo

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  2. Wow…exactly what I was thinking.
    By the way, Yukimura looked cute in that kimono.

  3. i thought it was only me who has a fetish on guys-wearing-kimonos.
    i am totally attracted to Kyo, i just love how he is soooo SADISTIC (am i a masochist?)

    • Great minds indeed do think alike, I’m glad we have similar tastes!! I love guys in kimonos – kimonos just give them this aura which I can’t seem to get from other dressing styles.
      My my, you might be a masochist. 😉 Either that, or you share the same sadistic thoughts as Kyo. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one~

  4. watch Rurouni Kenshin. It’s an older anime/manga but you’ll love it! It’s about a girl who meets a samurai who is very kind/innocent but it turns out that he is an infamous samurai who killed tons of people in the past war and then dissapeared. He was crazy good but he put his sword away and vowed to never kill again. If he does he’ll return to who he was as a samurai. It’s amazing, kind of like kyo and kyoshiro but they are the same person lol

    • i watched it when i was young and indeed a great anime. and Kenshin in kimono is PURE LOVE..

      • Yeah I think samurai X is pre-series (but it was made after the series ended). Kenshin is great!

        • This is pretty cool, especially when I’m learning about Japan in History classes. If only they used anime or manga to teach us these things!

          • I wish but I think school has certain regulations about being fun 😛 lol that would be neat though.

            • Yeah! In History classes, sometimes documentaries would be shown, so I was thinking, why not anime? Perhaps it would help to lift some heads off the table, or push up the droopy eyelids of students.

              Wow, my imagination sure knows no bounds. Well, we can only dream… 😀

              • Yes, we can still do that 😉 even in class (day dreaming haha)

                • I once decorated my notebooks with printed anime wallpapers, and I couldn’t concentrate in class, just because I kept staring at them. 😛

                  • I did that too! I think I still have the notebook. What are your favorites?

                    • It depends on the time period. The anime that I’m obsessed with at that period of time would earn their place on the covers of my notebooks! 🙂

                      My most recent notebook cover is Hakuouki, because the guys are all so pretty in yukatas — the pictures make really nice notebook covers, especially with all the beautiful cherry blossoms floating around.

                      How about you?

                    • I just looked up the pictures and you’re are right! I need to check it out!!!

    • Heh I love historical animes and guys in yukatas. I’m always squirming with excitement whenever series have omakes or OVAs which feature the characters in yukatas, or simply a summer festival episode.

      Okay I’ll check Rurouni Kenshin out! I heard there’s a movie or something coming out, because my History teacher (who I believe is a closet otaku), said something about Samurai X. Whee I love samurais! 😀

    • I’m glad we have similar tastes! 😉
      … But that would mean you’re my rival in love.

      Hahahaha just kidding 😛

      • Maybe we can split them up! haha do you like Bleach by any chance?

        • Aw, like cutting them into half? I’ll take the top half though, I like their faces. 😛
          Hahahaha I didn’t ever have the courage to start Bleach. It’s too… long, and dangerous – I get hooked to things rather easily. My friends said it was getting a little draggy so I decided to stick to my other short anime series. I sometimes go for short and sweet, though there are always exceptions~

          • The manga is much better. They don’t throw in as many fillers. I tend to love the manga much more than the anime in most cases. Samurai deeper kyo for instance I thought was much better in the manga but I think that’s mainly because I’m a demon eyes fan rather than a kyoshiro fan and demon eyes is practically the main character throughout the entire manga 😀 I love bleach though! Bleach, D-Gray man, and Claymore though Bleach is the only one that has guys in yukatas lol. I recommend it sometime when you’re bored. I get hooked easily too but there are enough chapters that you eventually HAVE to take a break 😛

            • Addiction is really dangerous. Especially for people that have no self-control. You’re talking to the best example right now. 🙂
              I think it’s a usual trend that animes have much more fillers than manga. Hence, people tend to complain that anime storylines are missing out too much. I don’t have anything against fillers – I do, sometimes, find them interesting. Sometimes only, though. Too many fillers just becomes slightly overbearing.
              Alrighty after my exams I shall embark on the journey of no return – to start to read Bleach. -gulp-

              • Good for you ;P That’s smart to start after exams! Get back to me if you remember! If not, that’s totally fine!

                • Do you think the manga would end soon? I’ve heard that the anime ended!

                  • Really? Well it looks like the manga is drawing to an end, but it’s at the beggining of the end if that makes sense. You can tell it’s ending, but it will be a little while.

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