Skip Beat!

Yes, Skip Beat! is about showbiz, but our heroine, Kyoko, is climbing up the showbiz ladder for revenge. Wait, revenge?!

Kyoko has been supporting her childhood friend, Shotaro, wholeheartedly all this while, sacrificing herself just for her one and only Sho. Sho is pursuing a career in music and is currently ranked seventh most popular male celebrity of Japan. However, everything changes when Kyoko overhears a conversation between Sho and his manager, where Sho insults Kyoko, saying that he only keeps her for her usefulness in housekeeping matters. Further fueled by Sho flirting with the manager, Kyoko vows vengeance, so Sho teasingly challenges her to overtake him in showbiz.

And that’s exactly what Kyoko sought out to do. She makes new friends (and maybe even one that is more than a friend) throughout her new career and on the way, slowly pushes away the vengeful feelings that overwhelmed her at the beginning. Will she ever learn to love again?

This is a shojo that incorporates showbiz as well as a whole load of comedy. Kyoko isn’t your weak-willed heroine, she’s fiery and has her eyes set on revenge. Immediately after vowing vengeance, Kyoko went for a makeover and joins Sho’s rival talent agency, hoping to crush Sho at his own game.

Because Kyoko was too full of vengeful feelings, she could not perform well since she did not sincerely love what she was doing. However, the president of the company recognised her talent in acting during an audition and set up a section named, “Love Me”, for employees that lack love, like Kyoko, and later Kanae, a good friend that Kyoko encounters. Love Me employees would be allocated jobs that they have to complete, in which at the end of the job, the client would give points to the employee. After accumulating a certain amount of points, the Love Me employee would be presented with a grand debut.

During Kyoko’s journey, she meets a man named Ren, who happens to be Sho’s rival in showbiz (and later, love). At first, Ren did not have a  good impression of Kyoko due to the distasteful reasons of why Kyoko joined showbiz. He enjoys teasing her, but despite this (or maybe because of this), grows closer to her as time passed. As Kyoko advances in career, revenge and showbiz slowly separates into two different, unrelated things. She did not feel that she was using showbiz as a tool for revenge anymore. This enabled her to further work her way up the showbiz ladder, earning respect from Ren.

Now let’s not forget the role of cute lil’ managers. Did I ever mention how attracted I am to managers? They’re always taking the minor role but attracts most of my attention. In Skip Beat!, Ren’s manager, Yashiro, is a cute lil’ megane that ships Ren and Kyoko. Which makes him one of my kind, and shippers should just get together, hohoho. He’s really animated and dramatic, thus providing most of the comic relief in the anime.

Skip Beat! follows Kyoko’s journey in Showbiz, and with each task she is assigned to complete, she learns and gains valuable experiences as well as lessons. Let’s not forget her plans for revenge. Despite Sho’s treatment, does he really keep her for housekeeping purposes? They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Will Sho come to realise or develop his feelings for Kyoko? I have to admit, despite being a Ren x Kyoko shipper, I definitely enjoy Kyoko and Sho scenes together because they’re so adorable when they fight. I like bickering lovebirds. :3 It doesn’t help that Sho’s seiyuu is Mamoru Miyano.

Will Kyoko be able to carry out her revenge plans? Or will she abandon them? And let’s not forget, will Kyoko learn to love again? And if she does, who will she choose?

I still remember myself rushing back to my grandma’s house every Monday to catch Skip Beat. I was avidly following it throughout every episode as it was being uploaded, and Skip Beat was actually one of the few animes that I started with. Despite a disappointing ending, everything else about Skip Beat was delightfully pleasant. Kyoko’s character was refreshing and the comedy was well portrayed. Of course we must applaud the inclusion of two gorgeous looking males (and one cute manager). I’d recommend Skip Beat, but I must advise you to lower your expectations of the ending. I guess they wanted to draw you into the manga, which is ongoing, by the way. If you enjoyed the anime, you should read the manga. 🙂


4 responses to “Skip Beat!

  1. I think you’re right about Skip Beat wanting to draw the viewer into the manga if one hadn’t started reading it. It worked for me because I was so upset at being left hanging with the anime. I really enjoyed it and it was hilarious. It is one of my favorites and one that I plan on rewatching because even though it was a comedy and full of hijinks, there was some depth in the characters and you watched how Kyoko developed.

    • I’m glad you agree with me on this! Everyone was just insulting the ending so harshly, I actually felt quite bad for Skip Beat. True, it was really disappointing, but the middle was exceptional and kind of, in a way, compensated for the ending. Skip Beat shouldn’t be given a bad name just because of this. I feel that everyone should just think of it as an evil tool of advertising. 😛

  2. A lot of shojo anime adaptations have lackluster endings, since the manga they’re based on tend to be ongoing yet they aren’t allowed to run indefinitely the way successful shonen series like Bleach and Naruto can. I really like Skip Beat – I haven’t watched the anime yet but I’ve read some of the manga and I have to say I really like Kyoko and Sho as a couple over her and Ren – they feel like equals and their bickering dynamic is fun to watch.

    • I love bickering couples too! They really appear like lovebirds to me but at times, Kyoko and Ren appear a lot like a married couple – they’re really compatible. I feel both of them can complete each others lives, but yet a show wouldn’t be that interesting with a perfect couple like this.

      I’ve encountered many disappointing endings in shojo anime adaptations, but I think I’ve more or less gotten used to it – either that or I have unconsciously lowered my expectations. I do enjoy a nice closure even though it may be abrupt due to the ongoing manga. At least the story would feel complete with a beginning and an end. Cliffhangers or loose ends leave me not knowing what to do especially if I’ve been really engrossed in the series.

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