Hiyokoi OVA

It’s shoujo time! The tallest guy in the class meets the shortest girl in the class. He happens to be really outgoing, and she happens to be really shy. What happens when both of them are going to sit together at the back of the class?

Opposite ends attract… or?

Hiyori, your shy lil’ shojo heroine, got into an accident just right before school started, so she has been absent from school since then. When she finally returns to school, she’s being placed with Mr. Outgoing, Yuushin.

What a stark contrast! And I’m pretty sure by now, you have a rough idea how the entire story of Hiyokoi is going to go about. Two people from completely different worlds meet, and boom (with sparks flying everywhere)! 😀

Yep, you can also call this, Mister Tall Guy meets Miss Short Girl.

When I first saw Hiyori, I was thinking, this girl looks like Toradora!’s Taiga. As I got acquainted with her, I quickly erased that thought off my mind. However, the couple, Yuushin and Hiyori, just reminded me of Kimi ni Todoke. In fact, Hiyokoi’s OVA reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke. Well, of course, you have the typical blush and sparkly scenes:

Uh, you know what, I take my word back on the “sparkly” part. This is, well, erm, colourfully all-rounded? I wanted to use “ball-y”, but is there even such a word?

On the whole, if you like shojos, Hiyokoi would definitely be your cup of tea. I liked Yuushin because guys who give that side-to-side grin are just adorable. If you aren’t in for typical shojos, then I don’t think you’d enjoy Hiyokoi. You could give it a shot though!

This is a really short review because the OVA is just one episode long! If you’ve watched the OVA and enjoyed it, you should definitely check out the manga.


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  1. too epic 😀 touched

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