Ryuu from (P)lanets

My very first character review of (P)lanets! Please do read my (P)lanets game review first before reading the character reviews, so you don’t get lost in the bizarre storyline!

Ryuu, the outgoing guy that smiles no matter what happens. He wants to enjoy life while he can, and he looks like nothing can bring him down. And oh, he’s sensitive to tickles. πŸ˜‰

You first meet Ryuu, well, somewhere near your house. Ryuu is a teleporter, so he kind of makes a grand entrance with flashing lights and all that. You don’t really get a good impression of him first, because of his rivalry with Kaius. Every single time he’s with Kaius, they somehow get into a fight, whether verbally of physically (or both). But who cares anyway? He’s good looking, cute, and has grey hair. Guys with grey hair = badass. Yay!

And because Kaius is a typical tsundere, when Ryuu, the outgoing guy, comes along to fetch you to Planets, you’d probably think, Oh Ryuu, my saviour! At least I’d have someone to talk to during the trip. Kaius is just too quiet, and his tsundere-ness isn’t very good company (unless of course, you like tsunderes). Furthermore, Kaius walks way too quickly, and he obviously doesn’t bother to wait up for you. With Ryuu around, Kaius walks far in front, but Ryuu stays behind and walks alongside with you, at your pace, just to accompany you.

One thing I absolutely love about Ryuu, is how he can be so comfortable dropping mushy lines here and there with a cheeky smile and a wink on his face. Just makes me all blush-y and smiling like a creepy person in front of my computer screen.

Oh Ryuu. You’re so good at making me fan girl.

Ryuu likes eating and sleeping. Yay, I guess we share the exact same interests, huh. He eats a lot. When you see him at the cafeteria, you’ll understand. πŸ˜‰

Ryuu’s also the type that skips class more than often, and when he even attends classes, he sleeps in them (with the exception of physical education lessons). He’s the kind that rushes in to class late without combing his hair or caring to wear his shirt and tie properly. He jokes with the teacher, and the whole class laughs at him. However, Ryuu doesn’t seem to be affected by what others think of him at all. He just does what he deems fit, enjoying life as it is and smiling 24/7. I actually envy him a lot.

He’s honest and straightforward, and actually tells you what’s on his mind bluntly, although you could just read his mind. Spending time with him is great fun and isn’t a waste at all. I actually look forward to meeting him during lunch breaks.

If you like the sporty kind of guy, you’d definitely like him. You should also not miss out on the part during the physical education lessons, where he was so hyped up about baseball and thrashing class 4-B. Gah he’s just so cute.

Did I also mention about how I think that guys that wear plaster on their faces look absolutely adorable? I don’t know about you, but when guys wear plasters on their faces, they look kind of playful and cheeky, which definitely matches Ryuu’s personality.

Ryuu’s route was a pleasant one because of the entertaining dialogue. The stuff he says are really funny, he’s humorous. And he’s always smiling, which makes it a pleasant route to go on with, rather than emo routes where a character would just go on and on about sad stuff and worry about past stuff that has already happened and can’t be changed. He doesn’t really care about how others view him, so whenever you’re with him you feel rather carefree and you can be pretty much yourself. He’s open about everything so there’s nothing to be shy about. πŸ˜‰

And I also like Ryuu’s dress sense. πŸ˜›

Hope that was an okay review, I tried my best not to spoil anything too destructive for your gaming experience. Give and take, compromise, I guess. I’d do a better review with spoilers, but I wouldn’t want to do that, huh. I’ll be doing Kaius’ review next (immediately, actually). Because I’m going overseas in 10 hours time and it’s way past my sleeping hours now. But I’ve already planned to finish (P)lanets character reviews before I fly off, so it’s furious typing time! Time to churn everything out!


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