Lucan from (P)lanets

Don’t they look like a couple made in heaven? This is going to be my last character review of the characters from (P)lanets. Don’t know what that is? Check out my (P)lanets game review and try it out!

Lucan, the prince-like character. A gentleman indeed, although he blushes a little too much for one. He’s like a celebrity in the school – there’s a club called Lucan-sama Fan Club. The girls are all infatuated with him and stalks him pretty much everywhere. Oh no, that means competition!

You meet Lucan in the cafeteria. He’s actually best friends and roommates with Ryuu, and they’re really close and cute together, despite having total opposite personalities.

You realise that he’s a really big fan of sweet stuff, like desserts. Which is really funny for him. But fitting, in a way. He likes strawberry cheese cakes, yay! I love them.

Lucan is actually a really shy guy, despite rumours  about him saying that he’s had a few girls and is currently dating a girl from another school. But rumours are rumours. You take them with a pinch of salt. He’s actually quite inexperienced with girls and he looks rather insecure.

Lucan isn’t the bad boy type, even though he has piercings at the sides of his ears. But I think the piercings actually make him look really cool.

The fact that Lucan has a fan club means that his route would be rather interesting, huh. If you’ve watched enough shoujo animes or read shoujo mangas (actually not really limited to shoujo), you would have already expected certain scenes when I mentioned “fan club”. A fan club means that there would be many crazy stalker girls chasing Lucan around the school. Which clearly means lesser private time with Lucan one-on-one. And lots more competition. The girls are not going to be happy if you were to hang out with Lucan a lot and “steal” Lucan away from them. Getting a vague idea of what’s going to happen?

Even your roommate is obsessed with him. In fact, your roommate is the chairman of the Lucan-sama Fan Club. What luck you have! It wouldn’t be too beneficial to be on bad terms with your roommate, huh. Lucan’s actually really creeped out by Ruiko, because every single time she’s around, Lucan runs away from her. Gah, that means that whenever I’m with Rui, I wouldn’t be able to spend much time with Lucan. But that also calls for one-on-one sessions with Lucan, huh. 😉

But who cares about other girls. Lucan’s just irresistable, I’m definitely going for him. Being in the same class as him gives me lots of benefits. Lucan even offers me to eat lunch with him. How could I possibly say no to him? Those girls are going to be madly jealous if they see me eating lunch with Lucan. Especially when Lucan rejects all of their requests and their hand-made lunch boxes. Are those mad stalkers going to do something to you? Love makes people go crazy.

But with Lucan around, I ain’t scared of anyone, because I know Lucan will protect me. 🙂

Oh and throughout your route with Lucan, you actually find out many interesting things about him. It would definitely spoil the surprise if I were to list each and everyone of them out. But all I can tell you is that dating Lucan is definitely worth it. I totally get pampered by him. Which is isn’t a good thing. Although it would be nice to be spoilt by him. 😉

In terms of endings, I liked Lucan’s one the most. I’d recommend you to play Lucan’s route as it was really fun! I liked his personality, and everything with his fan club just made it funnier. And he’s so good-looking. Urgh. I definitely had to go for him no matter what. And he wasn’t the whiny type, despite looking a little like one. Believe me, I never like whiny characters even if they were really good looking. Okay fine, if they were really, really good looking, I’d consider. 😛

Dialogue-wise, Lucan’s one was alright but the events that followed when you try to get him was really entertaining. Let me just include a screenshot to tickle your fancy~

Hope the above picture attracted you into playing his route! I mean, don’t you absolutely love moments like this? And their expressions are so cute. I wonder what they are doing?

Lucan is kind of obedient too, I guess. He does his homework, unlike Ryuu. And obviously Ryuu just ends up copying Lucan’s work. And oops, I forgot to mention that Lucan’s psyche is telekinesis, which means that he can move stuff using his psyche.

On the whole, I enjoyed Lucan’s route the most out of all the guys in (P)lanets. He was also the first guy I went for, after being charmed by him in the cafeteria, hehe. Having a face like that, how could I possibly resist?

That concludes all my reviews for (P)lanets! It was a really fun game and it’s free, so if you haven’t played it, you most probably should. No harm downloading and playing it, there’s no loss anyway. And it’s worth it! Hope you enjoyed my reviews! 🙂


3 responses to “Lucan from (P)lanets

  1. Yes, he was cute at first, but the bad ending is just horrible!

    • T-There was a bad ending!??!?!!

      Tell me tell me what is it about!! I think I might just redownload (P)lanets just to get the bad endings too! Now I feel like I don’t know Lucan well enough, since there’s a side of him I haven’t seen. XD

      • Thea Steeves-Boey

        There’s only one bad ending (Lucan’s) that I’ve heard from the maker on a thread. Haven’t witnessed it though. O.o

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