Kaius from (P)lanets

In case you don’t know what (P)lanets is, check out my (P)lanets game review for a better idea on what’s going on here. πŸ™‚

It’s Mister Tsundere’s turn for a character review! Kaius is your typical tsundere that has a really cute side that he doesn’t want to or doesn’t have a chance to show anyone. I’m pretty sure if people saw his cute side, he’d have a lot of girls chasing after him (wait, that’ll mean more competition). He doesn’t want friends, so he’s pretty much alone most of the time. And that also means more one-on-one times with him. πŸ˜‰

Kaius is the tsundere character in the (P)lanets game, and he’s also the first guy from Planets that you meet. Yep, the tsundere dude picks you up to bring you to the school. Good or bad? Well, I’ll leave it to you to decide on whether he’s a good travelling companion or tour guide.

A typical tsundere, huh? How ungentlemanly. He could at least slow down a little for my sake. Oh well, look at the bright side – hanging out with him a lot would help me to erm, lose weight? Work on my fitness? Maybe after spending a really long time with him, I’d actually become some amazing athlete.

He pretty much shows his I-don’t-really-care attitude bluntly to you, and seem totally uninterested in anything that you’re saying. Even if you spoke a really large chunk of words, he’d just reply with a short sentence. Conversations with him seem pretty short. Well, not “seems”, more like, conversations with him are short.

Kaius constantly pushes you away at the start, openly showing his annoyance at your presence. He doesn’t even seem to want you around at all. He spends most of his time alone, and doesn’t seem to have any problems with that. When you walk alongside with Kaius, people are actually shocked to even see someone with Kaius. Which just shows how much of a loner he is. And how lonely he is. Which just simply calls for you to tend to his lonely heart.

He’s the mysterious type, too. Since everyone has a psyche in the school, they are separated into different psyche classes based on similar psyches. However, no one knows what Kaius’ psyche is, with the exception of Ryuu. And apparently he takes his psyche classes privately, alone. He doesn’t seem to be willing to tell others about his psyche, and downright refuses to use it in front of others, even when Ryuu taunts him about it. He’d just rather use his fists and get owned by Ryuu than use his psyche and reveal what it is.

Conversations with Ryuu are pretty interesting too. Though his replies are horribly short and insulting, it’s actually pretty fun to hold conversations with him. It’s fun to hold conversations with tsunderes, generally. I’d say that Kaius’ tsundere-ness was brought up pleasantly in the game. πŸ™‚

I know. We're more than that. πŸ˜‰

And the main character’s replies to Kaius’ tsundere-ness is really entertaining too.

And oh, Kaius’ is the son of both your previous (normal) school and Planets’ administrator. Which means you get -ahem-bonus credits-ahem- for being Kaius’ girlfriend. No, don’t get the wrong idea – I wasn’t the one who came up with this scheming plan. The administrator said it himself.

And yes, one of the things I liked about Kaius’ route the most, was none other than his father. I loved how the father is so humourous and fun-loving, in contrast to his cold and hostile son. He also teases his son openly in front of you, so it’s pretty cute to see Kaius’ reactions, which definitely, of course, includes blushing. Whee. I love it when tsunderes blush.

Kaius’ route was a really cute one, especially the date outside of school. I enjoyed that date with Kaius the most as compared to Lucan and Ryuu.

And a tsundere route usually comes with a cute secret you’d uncover while chasing after the tsundere, in which in Kaius’ case, was a really cute one. I won’t tell you what it is, I’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself. πŸ™‚

All in all, I think Kaius is the main character of (P)lanets so his route was better developed than the rest (not saying that the others are undeveloped), and I enjoyed Kaius route thoroughly. Tsundere routes are always fun. Don’t you love it when in the beginning, they refuse to open up to you, and at the end, you pretty much know everything about them? πŸ˜‰


19 responses to “Kaius from (P)lanets

  1. Hey there, Kaius is actually a very nice guy.

  2. Kaius is my own favorite!

  3. You have my vote for Kaius!

  4. kaius is the best
    this game is wonderful

  5. Do you have walkthrough?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  6. ❀ You Kaius πŸ˜€

  7. Kaius seems a lot like me.

    • Reaaaaaaaally??
      *sparkly eyes*
      Let’s get to know each other better then, LOL XD

      • Hahaha I’d be fully willing to get to know you! You seem awesome. So far, I’ve played Kiaus’s route and Ryuu’s route.. Kiaus’s route almost made me cry… I’m pathetic I know lol πŸ˜€

  8. Okay so once you get past all his Anti-Socailness Kaius is really cute!

  9. I loved Kaius’ route the most,ufufu~! Such a cute tsun-tsun personality he has.

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