Haru from (P)lanets

Yay for Haruhi! Haru’s actually my favourite character out of all the guys that you can get in the game. Sadly, he’s a minor character. Wait, check out my (P)lanets game review if you don’t know what in this planet (hey, pun!) is going on.

Haru’s your childhood friend. And your best friend, until you left for Planets. He dresses up as a girl and acts like one anyway (and passes off as one without fail). He gets bullied often and it’s you that stands up for him. You spend pretty much most of your time with him and he’s heartbrokened that you left for Planets. Well, you can always come back for him. 😉

Your relationship with Haru goes back to when you were little kids, where you played with Haru, thinking that he was a girl, anyway. But one day, when you guys wanted to take a shower together, he reveals that he’s actually a guy. And he’s much more feminine than you. Shame on you!

Haru’s actually really adorable throughout the whole game. When you hit your head and got psychic powers to read other people’s minds, you got pretty much negative thoughts from everyone else around you, except for Haru.

And oh, Haru’s so excellent at dressing as a girl and acting as one that people don’t actually believe he’s a guy. I found the scene where Haru was trying to prove that he’s a man to Lucan and Ryuu really, really amusing. Haru’s just so adorable, eurgh. I really wanted him to be a main character. When I first met him in the game, I liked him already. And I thought I could bring him into Planets somehow, but apparently that was when I realised he was a minor character. 😦

Gah why is Haru so pretty? Oh, wait, did I mention that Haru’s actually 2 years younger than you (I think)? Well, age doesn’t matter when love is involved. 😉

Haru is also still a kid deep down inside. He carries the teddy bear you gave him a long time ago when both of you were kids. He hugs it to sleep. And he cuddles in with you under the blankets in your bed during the vacation even though both of you are teenagers already. Oh well. Who cares, I’m going to marry him anyway.

Haru’s like an adorable little puppy in some ways or another. When you left for Planets, he was all sad and emo. I was sad too! I didn’t want to leave him behind but there was no choice anyway. 😦

And when you came back, guess what?

Why am I not surprised at his reaction?

After a really long time in the game, Haru grows taller and his voice breaks, I guess. Obviously he can’t stay dressing as a girl forever. I wonder if he has to turn down many confessions from guys asking him to go out with them. What would his reply be anyway? Hey sorry, I’m actually a guy.

And so Haru rightfully dresses as a boy now and looks equally cute as compared to when he was dressing as a girl. When I saw Haru in boy-form, I was telling myself how going through this route was definitely worth it.

With that amount of cuteness oozing out, it definitely had to be you.

If you’re wondering why Haru even crossdresses in the first place, you’d have to play his route to find out. His route is rather short, because most of your time is spent at Planets, but I went for Haru anyway because he’s such a cutie pie. I also have this tendency to like minor characters.

Well this review isn’t really long as Haru’s a minor character, but I like him a lot so I did a review anyway. I hope it’s alright and you like it! Lucan’s review is next~


4 responses to “Haru from (P)lanets

  1. Yeah, he is really cute! ;D

  2. How do I play Haru’s route?

  3. реально!как пойти по маршруту Хару?

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