(P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!

“(P)lanets – The Psychic Learning Academy for New and Exciting Tactical Studies. This is a school for those gifted with psychic abilities!”

(P)lanets is an otome game where you play Kazuoki Marin, a smart girl that can’t really be bothered to study but still does well in her tests (man, I wish I were her). One day she falls down the stairs, hit her head and gets a concussion. However, when she wakes up, she realises she can hear everyone’s thoughts! She’s unable to live her life normally anymore and the very next day, a mysterious guy appears in front of her house to bring her to an academy named Planets, where psychics learn to control and train their powers. Off Marin goes to Planets, where she’d meet 2 other handsome guys and develop a relationship!

I recommend you to play this otome game, it’s really cute, I loved the dialogue, and it’s free!

A Tsundere comes and pick you up... Good or bad!?

Sorry for the cursors in all my screenshots! I was too happily taking screenshots that I totally forgot about the existence of a thing called the cursor. But oh well the cursor in this game is pretty cute so you could just treat it as an ornament or something. 😛
Oh, and I’ll be doing character reviews on the characters so I’m not going to be focusing too much on the characters here.

So the first guy you meet is Kaius. A typical tsundere. But seriously? If you’d like people to join your school you shouldn’t send a tsundere down to pick that person up. Well, on the account that Kaius is gorgeous, I’d forgive you, really (and maybe give you plus points). And he’s the son of the school administrator, which hints that he might give you a bonus in your grades if you get close to his son. Sounds like a good deal?

I wouldn't hold myself back even if you told me to 😉

After you pack your things you realise you’d have to leave Haruhi behind, who is actually a cute boy, two years younger than you, that dresses like a girl (and passes off as one without fail). You’ve been best friends with him since childhood, and he’s the only person that’s holding you back from going Planets. Best friends forever! You’re worried about leaving him behind and how he’d do without you, since you spend most of your time with him and protecting him from bullies and stuff like that. How’s he going to get by without you? And well, how’s he even going to stomach the sudden news about you going up to the mountains to some unknown school!?

Oh Haru.. Don't cry. I'll come back and get you, I promise!

As you try to keep up with Kaius (who’s obviously walking far in front and doesn’t bother whether you are lagging behind or anything), you meet a new guy named Ryuu, who comes across as someone very straightforward. His psych is teleportation, and that’s how he and Kaius came here from high up in the mountains – joint-teleportation (which he has to be touching you for it to work 😉 ) He seems like fun company but there’s just some tension between him and Kaius. Ryuu also seems to enjoy getting on Kaius’ nerves and teasing him, and soon both of them get into a fight. It was really amusing how Kaius tried to punch Ryuu and Ryuu would just teleport away, and appear again behind him, hurling taunts at him.

You teleport to some unknown place with the help of Ryuu and realise that the more Ryuu uses his psych, the more inaccurate the teleportation landings are. So you’re stuck at some grassy area in the mountains with a tsundere and an energetic boy. Good thing Ryuu’s here, walking along with you and keeping you company, as it would be really tiring keeping up with Kaius’ merciless pace, since you aren’t good at physical activities and your fitness is far from top-notch.

Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you piggy back me?

Kaius’ dad called, after he detected a strong force of energy from the area the three were in, and gave directions. So Kaius had a handphone all along, huh. You made your way walking for who-knows-how-long-hours to Planets, and when you finally reached there, you realise it isn’t as fanciful as you thought it’d be. It just looks like a normal building (unlike the castles that you’d expected, quoting Kaius).

You meet the principal and he explains your rare case, and he also introduces himself as the principal of Planets as well as your previous school. He’s a really fun principal, it’s almost hard to believe he’s Kaius’ dad, judging from their total opposite characters.  He gives you a brief introduction to Planets, and you realise that you still have Math Class, urgh. So much for my dream Hogwarts, where there isn’t Math class. Wonder if we’ll meet someone as sexy as Snape? Well anyway, Kaius is assigned to be your tour guide for the school, who you know is going to do it half-heartedly because he’s forced by his dad, whom you realise that he doesn’t have a good relationship with.

You enter the girls’ dormitories and meet your new roommate, Rui. She’s definitely not normal, and her previous roommates all requested for a room change after sharing a room with her. Nevertheless, she’s still a nice girl after all (you naturally read her thoughts and realised that she has no bad thoughts at all) that often gets bullied by her classmates because of her kindness, and well, naivety. But I really liked Rui a lot, her blur character was just too amusing and cute. And the fact that she’s bullied by her friends just brought up the heroine in me. She doesn’t deserve this treatment, ya’all!!

At least your roommate isn’t tsundere. 😉 I mean, I love tsunderes but if everyone at Planets are going to be tsundere I’m probably not going to survive even the first day at school. Imagine having the entire school ignoring you and treating you like some lowlife. It’s going to have to be really tiring trying to make them open up to you. And the school’s going to be really quiet too. -gulp-

Okay, back to topic. So you find out that there are many other psyches other than yours and teleportation. Rui introduces you to her psyche, phasing, which means that she can pass through things. Awesome! And pretty fitting for her character, anyway.

Okay, maybe not that awesome after all.

You’re introduced to a prince-like character named Lucan. He’s charming, handsome, and your trusty knight in shining armour. Rui seems to be overly obsessed with Lucan, and there’s even a Lucan-sama Fan Club in the school. Guess who’s the president? Rui, right. He blushes a lot, which is pretty cute, but there’re rumours he has a girlfriend from another school. Damn. Those are rumours after all, you should take them with a pinch of salt. Don’t give up on him! 😉

During classes, you realise that you, Lucan and Ryuu are in the same class, 4-A. Yay! Mr. Tsundere’s in the next class, 4-B, along with your roommate, Rui.

My favourite part of this game was the Physical Education lessons, where class 4-A and 4-B would battle it out in the field by playing sports. There was some kind of rivalry between these two classes. That day was spent playing baseball, and Ryuu explains to you that the students use their psyche in the games to cheat, but the teachers don’t catch them for it anyway. The whole baseball match was really crazy. If you’re ever planning to use the “skip” button (which you definitely shouldn’t), you should not miss this part out.

I highly recommend you to play (P)lanets, as I really enjoyed it. I’m sure you would enjoy it as much as I would! You should also realise it’s a one-man (or woman?) project, and the fact that one person actually did all this is actually quite amazing. It’s really funny too, and you can actually get all this fun free of charge.

You can download the game here, and if you’ve enjoyed (P)lanets, do look out for (P)lanets 2 as well as the developer’s blog which can be found here! The developer’s blog also contains a walkthrough in case you require help while getting any guys. I’m definitely looking forward to the following projects and writing more reviews on them. For now, I’ll go work on character reviews for this game. 🙂

Let’s just end this post with the main cast in casual-wear, and Lucan being the peacemaker between Ryuu and Kaius as usual.


14 responses to “(P)lanets – the life of normalcy has ended!

  1. I… loved your review. ;_; Thank you ❤

  2. Hey, nice review! =O
    Did you get the last Kaius’ image? Cause I didn’t :B…
    Have you ever played “The drowned mermaid”? It has an incredibly awesome story (I can’t say that is cute… It’s different xD).

    Your redaction is pretty interesting, so I’ll see you around *Stalker mode on*


    • I have a stalker! -touched-
      (wait this isn’t a normal reaction right? hahahaha)

      I’m not sure about the last Kaius image, because I played (P)lanets quite a loooong time ago. I’m sure you can check guides if you’re really stuck. The creator actually has a walkthrough in her developer’s blog – http://teacuproduction.blogspot.com/2011/09/finally.html

      And nope, I’ve never heard of “The drowned mermaid”. It sounds pretty interesting, please do fill me in! 😀

      • Yay~ Thanks for the walkthrough ❤

        "The drowned mermaid" is not like other games (Unless you have played "Love & Order"). It's kind of surprising and… Oh, well. Here you go:


        • Thank you so much!! Yayyy you’re the best ❤

          I'll be sure to check this game out and write a review on it. I'm not an avid otome gamer but… I aspire to be one. 😉

          Are you one? Perhaps you could give me suggestions on where I should start? 😛

          • I’m a vicious otome gamer ;__;

            Yeah, here are the best ones that have been translated to english:
            Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards (PC)
            Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love Plus (DS)
            Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Kiss (DS)

            This one is originally in english:
            Frozen Essence (PC)

            Pacthesis creates Dating Sim games in flash… I think you’ll love them too:


            • Ooh I’ve played Pacthesis! In fact, I’m a great fan all the games. 😉

              And I don’t think being a vicious otome gamer is a bad thing. Instead, I think it’s really cool, although I do have friends that think otome games are creepy because we’re falling in love with a fictional character. I don’t think there’s anything wrong though. I want to be an avid otome gamer too! 😀

              Thank you so much for the recommendations! I just created a bank account today, so I’ll start saving up for them. I can’t wait! *fidgety*

  3. Anime'n'Music

    i ended up with Lucan in the game and then it ended is that really how its suppose to end with you getting one of the guys? i would like to know if its just like that cause i really liked the game and i know there’s a sequel to the game but it would be helpful to know if it just ends with you and the guy

    • Hmm. May I know what do you mean by ending with you and the guy? Isn’t that a happy ending? 😀 You can refer to walkthroughs if you’re not sure.
      As for the sequel, there’s a (P)lanets 2 coming out next year, featuring a whole new set of characters. Characters from (P)lanets 1 will also be in the game as side characters, but sadly, are un-date-able.
      Look out for updates at the developer’s blog – http://teacuproduction.blogspot.com/ !

  4. umm how do i download

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  6. once youve downloaded it how do you open it t
    o play?

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