Special A

Hikari can’t ever seem to win Kei in anything. When they were young, Hikari was humiliated and defeated by Kei, but she didn’t give up. She told herself that she would beat Kei in everything else! However, that didn’t seem to be the case – no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t beat her rival Kei.

Doesn’t this sound really familiar? And again, romance experts like us already know what’s going to happen. I enjoyed this anime, it kind of gave me the Ouran feel!

The title, Special A, comes from the class they are in, the “A class”, which is the best class in terms of grades. The top seven from the A class are known as “Special A”, and hence the title. They are sort of like the elites in the school, having the best grades, a different classroom from the rest of the school (a greenhouse), as well as a different uniform, therefore earning a lot of respect from their schoolmates. They can even choose whether or not to attend lessons. Oh, lucky them. They just spend most of their time in the greenhouse, which sometimes leads me to wonder how they are even able attain such wonderful grades without some hardcore studying.

Moving on to the main characters, I’m sure it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you guys if I said that Hikari is really dense when it comes to matters like love. Well yes, of course, she is. Kei is in love with her, but she doesn’t realise it. Perhaps she’s too engrossed in trying to beat Kei in everything. She is, after all, forever number two. Poor Hikari.

This anime deals with Hikari trying her best to defeat Kei while at the same time, realising her feelings for Kei. I really enjoyed it when Kei puts down his act-cool-so-nothing-bothers-me facade and becomes worried whenever Hikari is in trouble. Don’t you love it when guys do that? It’s like you see another side of him. The side that can only be triggered by the girl of his dreams. -melts-

Putting the main characters aside, I’d definitely have to mention the side characters, which are really worth mentioning. One of the things I like about this anime is the fact that it doesn’t ignore the presence of the side characters. All of them have different and distinct personalities which are brought up and developed really well throughout the story. My favourite character was Megumi. She doesn’t talk much because she wants to preserve her voice for singing. During chaotic moments, she’d just pop up at the side with a clipboard with a comment written on it. It just adds on to the comedy.

The other characters are really well developed too! I’ll most probably do character reviews on the entire Special A cast. There isn’t even a single character I didn’t like. Out of all the guys, I’d have to say I liked Jun (twin brother of Megumi) the most, because of his shy personality especially around girls. I kind of have this attraction to shy anime guys, oh well.

All in all, I’d highly recommend you to watch this anime, especially if you’ve enjoyed animes like Ouran High School Host Club. I enjoyed Special A, so you should too! 🙂


7 responses to “Special A

  1. Hey there, Special A is really very nice.

  2. i haven’t watched this yet but i did finish the manga. Somehow looking at them, there’s a bit of difference. I was expecting Kei to be godly handsome and attractive with his pheromones overflowing (or was that just my imagination so high). Anyways, i love Special A…

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