Tora no Tsubasa

Tora no Tsubasa is a free anime browsergame featuring many moe characters. The game happens on Tiger Island where you go on your journey of discovery by fighting through monsters in different areas. As you get to higher levels, you can upgrade your equipments and skills to participate in duels against other players. Or if you want to play differently, you can save money for dress up your character with adorable and even weird premium outfits such as bloomer, sukumizu, swimsuit and bunny.
– Tonee, creater of Tora no Tsubasa
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I’d recommend TnT (Tora no Tsubasa) to those of you who don’t mind clicking games, or don’t mind not being in the action, because you won’t actually see the characters fighting or anything. But the characters are simply too cute to resist!

Don’t you love browser games? Just a click and you can start playing already, no downloads required! You simply enter a username, password, and your email, and you can already start playing. Oh, you have to choose a job too. Let’s take a look at the jobs available…

From Top left: Mage, Assassin, Archer, Berserker

And there’s a new job, Samurai!

The characters are really well drawn, and it was the artwork that attracted me to TnT.  However, the gameplay isn’t all that fantastic, to be honest, I was rather lost at first. It would be beneficial to have a tutorial, because without it, you’d have to figure out everything by yourself, but it isn’t all that difficult to figure out – navigation is straightforward, it’s just a little overwhelming because the whole game is thrown to you at the start.

Well, that’s why they have a forum, and there are nice people helping you out whenever you have doubts. Don’t ever hesitate to post in the forums! And after you get a hang of everything, be sure to contribute back by helping newbies. That’s what I call the cycle of kindness (my little self-made theory)!

Okay so this is how the game interface looks like. Tabs at the top and bottom for navigation, and the chat is divided into General, Trade and Guild Chat. You can fight monsters or fight other players. It’s a typical RPG game, so it shouldn’t take you too long to get used to it.

I’m not a big fan of the gameplay, it’s enough to keep you playing for awhile but it didn’t get me addicted. But again I’ll say this, I really love the artwork of all the characters although they were all girls. The monsters are cute, the shop keepers are cute, I spent most of the time exploring rather than actually bothering to improve on my character. The costumes in the game are really moe, ranging from rabbit ears to swimming suits to maido costumes.

If you’re a fan of all these artwork, you should probably check out the artist’s deviantART page here!

Tora no Tsubasa can be played here, and is also available in  German here. Have fun!


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  1. Can’t get enough!;)

  2. At me the english version doesn’t work anymore what happend? :((

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