Nodame Cantabile

To sum this anime up, in my opinion, it’s about a perfectly normal guy, Chiaki, on the road to achieve his musical ambitions, while being constantly bombarded by really, really crazy people, who become his friends anyway. One of his crazy friends include a creepy girl who stalks him everywhere, claiming that she is his wife. Poor Chiaki. But of course, romance experts like us know that they’ll ultimately end up together.

Classical music-lovers should definitely watch this – even for a person like myself, I’ve never taken much interest in classical music, but this anime got me interested in it, especially in the piano.

Well, we have two characters that are of total opposites – Chiaki is a perfectionist that abides by the book. He’s also neat and of course, an excellent cook. He plays the piano as well as the violin, but deep inside, he aspires to be a conductor like Viera, a conductor that inspired him when he was young. Unfortunately, he has a phobia of flying and the sea, which confines him to Japan, instead of heading to Paris to further his music studies.

On the other hand, we have Nodame, who prefers playing by the ear rather than referring to music scores, therefore playing pieces in a totally different way in her very own unique style. Unlike Chiaki, she dreams of settling as a kindergarten teacher, instead of a career in music, despite her musical talent. Nodame is always carrying her trademark facial expression (especially when she plays the piano), to the dismay of Chiaki.

Like you and me, Nodame’s room is a garbage dump, but you wouldn’t normally expect a sweet pianist like Nodame to have a really messy room. Before you think your room is messy, let’s take a look at Nodame’s…
Caution!: Not for the faint hearted.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Apparently the dirty environment of Nodame’s room does not affect her piano playing; Nodame still continues to play her piano beautifully. There are even flies and food from a few days ago. I was itching to drag my mom here to show her that my room isn’t messy at all — then I realised I mixed fiction and reality up again. Back to the topic: Hey Nodame, when was the last time you showered?

Our comedy duo never fails to crack us up – how can such a perfectionist, Chiaki, stand Nodame? Chiaki realises Nodame’s great potential in music, and wants to develop this talent. However their clashing personalities seems to get in the way a lot during their time together, but somehow or rather draws them closer and closer. Chiaki’s a perfectionist, so you can imagine what lessons with him is like, especially for a student like Nodame! Yikes!

I’m sure Chiaki acts like this for a reason. Nodame is kind of extremely creepy. Other than the fact that she proclaims herself as Chiaki’s wife and follows him everywhere, she secretly takes and collect pictures of Chiaki, and whenever she’s feeling down or tired, she smells, yes, smells, Chiaki’s clothes(before they are washed, of course, to retain Chiaki’s “scent” on them) for strength. That’s kind of creepy, don’t you think? But cute, nevertheless. I wonder how Chiaki is able to put up with all this. Maybe, just maybe, deep down inside, he enjoys it. *Giggles*

Don’t you love romances where the guy and girl are worlds apart? Well, they always say that opposite ends attract. I’m sure your experience from other similar stories always show that bickering is actually a very effective bonding activity.

There are 3 seasons in this show.
Season one,
Season two (Paris Chapter),
Season three (Finale).

In Paris Chapter and Finale, Nodame and Chiaki flies to Paris (after Nodame helps Chiaki in overcoming his fear of taking airoplanes) and further their studies there, where they meet new friends but still keep in contact with their friends in Japan. As Chiaki is finally able to pursue his dream of conducting, Nodame has a new goal: she wants to improve and be able to rightfully perform alongside with Chiaki. She feels that the distance between herself and Chiaki keeps increasing as Chiaki is getting more successful and famous. Both of them experiences difficulties in their journey their goals as well as the impact on their relationships.

There’s a live action on this too, it’s apparently really really good, according to my friends, online reviews, and the awards that it has achieved. I’ll add it to my to-watch-list!

Well, this review sure was long! It’s my way of saying thanks for waiting for such a long time for the reviews. My exams are now over and I’ll be sure to spam this place with reviews! Thanks for viewing!


7 responses to “Nodame Cantabile

  1. I certainly love reading all that is written on your website. Keep it coming. I liked it!

  2. do you know who i am

    i found you in google~! :’-D
    le secretly stalks

  3. It’s been about a year since I watched the live-action and LOVED it. Reading your post brought back all those wonderful fuzzy feels. This show honestly stole my heart

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