Exams are over!

“No more exams!” – 3 Idiots from Maid Sama!

(okay I just realised you can put captions on images urgh should I go and edit my other images from previous posts…?)

Bye exams!! I’ll never see you again see you again next year! Today concludes my last paper, Maths, and I wouldn’t say I did very well nor would I say I did very badly.

You know what that means? It’s time to cook up more and more and more awesome reviews just for you guys! Nodame Cantabile’s review was longer than usual, but it’s my way of saying thanks to you guys for patiently waiting so long while I was being a nerd studying.

I’ll keep my promise about the surprise, yes, I’ll tell you, right here, right now, the new thing that’s going to be added to the blog!

Well, as the URL for this blog is animeguyspl0x, I figured out that it would do my awesome URL no justice if I continued to simply review animes as I went along. So…. *drum roll*

Ritsu from K-on!

Thanks Ritsu!
I’ve decided to add in character reviews! Mostly for the male characters, of course. But I’ll add in female character reviews too. Maybe even couple reviews, if reviewing about the couple makes more sense than reviewing the character himself or herself. Don’t hesitate to demand reviews from me or drop some suggestions. I’m a nice and friendly person, I will try not to won’t eat you up!

In addition, I’ve decided to do reviews for mangas and work on more game reviews (Alistair++ is lonely!). Yay!

There’s just so many things to do, but I’m really excited! I’ll do the character review tomorrow, I wonder who I’ll review first? Maybe I’ll do it in order of my anime reviews, so I can review animes and release character reviews along with it as well. I haven’t decided yet, so stay tuned!

The 3 idiots and I take our leave now (no, I’m not counted as an idiot)!

P.s. If you’ve been checking back regularly, you would’ve realised that I’ve been changing themes now and then, because I’m trying to find a suitable theme for this blog but to no avail. 😦 I have this fetish for the Times New Roman font, so it just makes me pickier when choosing themes. If you do come across any nice themes, please share them with me! 🙂


4 responses to “Exams are over!

  1. Go sleep early!!!!!
    (And I don’t mean early IN THE MORNING!!!)

    • Yes madam I’ll sleep early today! Early as in 12AM, which is counted really early in my case. I wonder if I’d be able to sleep so early…

      You too! 🙂

  2. hope you can update more

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