Girl A likes Boy A.
Boy B likes Girl B.

It’s that simple. Well, since the girls are good friends and the guys are good friends, Girl A and Boy B decide to help each other to pursue their love interests. Your prediction is right — they eventually fall in love with each other, Girl A and Boy B, I mean. Maybe not so simple after all.

If you enjoy strong female main characters, this anime’s for you. Violent female characters that go around bashing males up? Being too honest, and spurting out insensitive comments? Being notorious in the school? Yes, this anime is filled with ass-kicking romance. I’d say that I enjoyed it. 🙂

Taiga, the main girl, can’t do housework and chores. She’s from a rich family but has moved out to live on her own. Ryuji, the main guy, is a master in housework and chores. And they’re neighbours. Figure the rest out yourselves.

Taiga treats Ryuji like her manservant/dog/slave/maid or however you’d like to interpret it. Her hot-temper and snappy attitude makes the anime a really laughable one. Don’t you love moments like these?

I admire how Taiga is so graceful and awesome while kicking the life out of Ryuji. Poor Ryuji. Taiga totally fits the phrase, “like a boss“. Well said!

The thing I enjoyed most about this anime was that the female characters were really strong and enthusiastic. Unlike many animes, there would be female characters that are quiet, shy, demure, etc etc. Well, not saying that I do not like those female characters, strong female characters just bring the anime up, somehow. Especially female characters with a good sense of humour.

Let’s just be honest. How many of you here enjoys scenes where the girls bully the guys?
Go girl power!

I liked the character development in this series, and I’d suggest you watch it! The guys are great fun too. Guys that can cook and do housework are just really usef–, erm, excuse me, I mean, attractive. I ended up liking Minori the best out of the whole group. You should check her out too! She’s the girl in the pink hair.

I think I have a tendency to like epic characters that aren’t emo-ishy. I never really liked characters that are always sad and dwell over stuff that has happened a million years ago. Move on already! — I mean it’s just me. But of course, there are always circumstances where we can accept their reasons for being emo and wishy-washy but other than that, I like epic characters.

So are you going to watch it? Well you should. You know why?

Taiga’s seiyuu is Rie Kugimiya. All the very very more you should watch it, right? 😉


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  1. Nicely put from an amazing blogger

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