The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)

a.k.a. Perfect Girl Evolution.

Well yes, this anime might sound like your typical “transformation of a girl by placing her in the house inhabited by guys”, I didn’t expect much either, but I must say that the anime was the opposite of disappointment!

1. The girl isn’t your typical everyday shy girl – she likes gore. Yes. Gore. Horror. Everything.
2. She’s allergic to beautiful things because it’s too dazzling, it gives her nosebleeds.
3. The guys are bishounen guys. Whee.

From point 2 and 3 you must have wondered, how is she going to live with bishounen guys if she gets a nosebleed every time she sees them? Well, that’s the unique part of this anime I guess.

Sunako, who is the main character of the story, is expected to be transformed into a “perfect lady” by 4 bishounen guys! If the 4 guys can successfully transform her into a “perfect lady”, they get free rent from the landlady, which is Sunako’s aunt. What better offer can there be?

This may sound easy, and the guys get all confident, only to be crushed when they realise Sunako’s interests – gory things! Sunako also shuns all forms of dazzling and beautiful things, because she was called “ugly” by her first love whom she confessed to. This sounds like mission impossible for our 4 pretty boys! Oh and did I mention, a failure results in the tripling of the rent. Sounds good?

Warning: This anime is not for the weak-nosed who’d bleed at every beautiful scene and opportunity.

I’d say this anime is full of fun and laughter, with a tinge of romance here and there. If you like bishounen guys, you’d definitely like this. None of the characters inside are detestable, and it’s a relaxing watch with no intimate scenes or PG-13 or Rated scenes, so no worries to all the innocent lil’ angels out there. I won’t pollute you without warning.

This anime is safe for consumption! Er, I mean, viewing.

I liked the relationship between Sunako and the main guy, Kyohei. It wasn’t one that was “love at first sight”, more like “nosebleed at first sight”. You won’t be expecting too many romantic scenes as yes, you would’ve guessed, each romantic scene is being ruined by her nosebleed. A bloody show indeed!

And so the quest to turn Sunako into a real, perfect lady begins! … or not? Will our pretty boys turn Sunako into a perfect lady successfully? Or would they have to deal with a skyrocketing triple rent? You’d have to watch to find out. I’ll recommend this anime to you. I finished it in a single day, just so you know.

My favourite character was one that wasn’t really a “character”, in the sense that he was a non-living thing. But well, in the anime, he could talk! He actually refreshes you about what has happened in the previous episode (but no thanks I didn’t need it because I watched everything in one shot in a day), and sometimes I forget that he is a non-living thing. He’s none other than Hiroshi-kun, Sunako’s favourite … well, toy. Which happens to be a anatomical doll.  Eek.

Say hello to Hiroshi-kun, guys! C’mon, don’t be rude now.

You should totally watch this anime because of Hiroshi-kun. Isn’t he some sexy anatomical doll? And the fact his organs can actually “spill out” makes him even sexier.

Sunako-chan often confides in him, treating him like a teddy bear. Hiroshi-kun is Sunako’s best friend, so keep your hands off Hiroshi! She treasures him a lot, along with her other dolls, which have names too, mind you. One of which is a skeleton. Sunako really treats them like living things, to the extent of putting them on the dining table or even holding weddings for both of them. This aspect made The Wallflower really enjoyable and humorous.

What are you waiting for? Get ready your popcorn and start watching now! 🙂


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