Rosario + Vampire

I don’t know what’s this anime doing here, as it has only one main guy inside, and he isn’t even my type, but yeah, I’m just going to include Rosario + Vampire inside my reviews as I’m just going to treat this as my own anime-diary.

Get what I mean now, after seeing the picture? This post looks like it belongs to animegirlspl0x.wordpress, but I don’t think there’s such a url and I don’t plan on making one anyway. I watched this anime because my best friend told me to, and of course, being such a nice friend, I watched it, despite the lack of good looking guys inside. What a nice friend I am! But sadly I stopped halfway due to the constant flashing of panties of the girls and my parents walking past my computer. Risky, I’d say. And obviously I’m not watching the anime for the girls, so I stopped.

Anyway, this is more of a harem, with a single guy surrounded by girls. It can be rather sexually explicit so I’ll just suggest you’d better be prepared for a bumpy ride!

The main guy, Tsukune, got enrolled in a school for monsters(disguised as humans), well, unintentionally. The school was thought to be a private school, and since he can’t get into any other school he has no choice but to enroll here. His adventures shall begin as he meets monsters such as vampires (duh), werewolves, witches, and so much more!

But wait, isn’t Tsukune a human? Yes, and that would mean that he has to disguise himself, or all the monsters in the school would just devour him and kill him or whatsoever, because they hate humans! Well that’s just too bad for him, but good thing he has pretty Moka to protect him. Moka, well, is the main female character, the vampire! She’s just simply in love with Tsukune’s blood, and can’t seem to stop sucking it. She wants him for breakfast, lunch, dinner… How suggestive. Wonder if Tsukune’s enjoying it?

Well, he certainly seems like he is.

Throughout his school life he meets with certain other girls that eventually fall in love with him due to his character. There are also other characters that are “attracted” to him in a predator-prey kind of relationship, because of him being a human, and I guess the monsters really do love the smell of humans, don’t they? *Shivers*

And I almost forgot to mention, Tsukune’s just way too easy to bully. Thus resulting in all the girls using him to fulfill their ahem-sexual-ahem desires like for an example a really sexy math teacher who rides on him, whips him, etc etc, while teaching him math formulas. Exciting anime, isn’t it? It’s more of a comedy so if you like blush-blush, pink, awkward, high school romances, I doubt this anime is for you.

Tsukune’s really lucky, if you think from a guy’s point of view. You have really sexy girls literally throwing themselves(and their boobs) at you, fighting for you. Oh life must be really good.

And so, you have a million girls just dying to be with Tsukune, trying all sorts of means and methods just to get their hands on Tsukune — or the other way round, for Tsukune to get his hands on them. Let the seduction begin! Well, not all of them seduce him, but somehow or rather, there would just be a show of panties here and there. Don’t the girls know how to cover their skirts when the wind blows or something? Or just simply wear shorts underneath? But that would beat the purpose of the anime, anyway. Guess I’m only interested in guys 😛

Geez, girls, weren’t you ever taught to share? Now now, don’t snatch.

Well and some of the characters are really comical, it isn’t really much on romance, but it’s kind of like a comedy due to the many funny scenes inside, some of which are dirty, and I really do want to emphasize that viewer discretion is advised, as you don’t want to have your parents thinking that you’re interested in flying skirts to reveal panties! Especially if you’re a girl, I mean, wouldn’t girls prefer it the other way round? .. Wait, guys don’t wear skirts, do they?

This is going to be a short review as I watched it halfway and can’t give any firm recommendations, but if you like dirty jokes then you should probably watch this anime as it’s full of it. The OP has already panties in it so I guess that’s like a warning that if you are sensitive or are in a sensitive area, you’d better not watch it. Well, unless you’re planning to watch hentai or something, then maybe this would be a good warm up. Just kidding.


4 responses to “Rosario + Vampire

  1. I kinda like this show. I really like the part that she changes into a vampire and he is the only one who can take her necklace off because of true love and later on both sides of her like him. I got so emotional when he told her dad how he felt and he stood up for her. I watched every season and every episode so I know everything and yes there are 2 many scences with girls underwear showing and the guy that takes pictures of the girls underwear shows that he is really an extremely perverted werewolf. My favorite thing about the anime is the 1st ending theme song i loved it in fact i listen to that song almost everyday! Thanks for reading please follow my blog at

    • I love all their theme songs! It’s really catchy.
      I don’t think I’ve reached that part of the show where the father comes in. I stopped after a few episodes, you see. My mom kept walking past my computer… So yeah. -shrugs-

      Anyway, Ecchi just ain’t my cup of tea. 😛

  2. I am the one from before i had to use a fake e-mail because i cant log into my account and they have my e-mail. My e-mail is if you wanna e-mail me your comments to what i said

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