Love Hina

Love Hina was one of the first few animes that I watched. I think I stopped halfway, as my parents were making a lot of noise about me spending half of my life in front of the computer sitting there and watching animes. I remember that they stopped me from playing MapleStory too. Poor me.

This review is going to be rather brief as I hardly remember anything about it, I watched it such a long time ago! But I would still like to include it inside this blog as I believe that every single anime that I watch deserves a post. 🙂

Well, I have no idea why I started to watch Love Hina. If I’m not wrong, I watched Chobits before this and after watching Chobits, there was this bar below that recommended some animes that I may like too.

Again, Love Hina consists of a main male character surrounded by females. Well of course, he’s the new landlord for a girls dormitory previously owned by his grandmother! And his grandmother has kindly passed down this to him, Keitaro. Life must be a dream come true for Keitaro.. or not? Well, it is a comedy, and I bet you’ve already guessed. Yes, Keitaro always ends up in awkward situations with the girls which lands him in a whole lot of bruises. Ouch.

Keitaro had made a promise with a childhood friend that he just cannot remember. He only remembers the contents of the promise, and not the person. The promise made was that he and that girl would enter Tokyo University together. Since he can’t remember anything but the contents of the promise, the logical thing would be to enter Tokyo University to search for that girl that holds his promise, right?

Love Hina didn’t make such a lasting impact on me, but reading from articles and Wikipedia, Love Hina seemed to be a big hit all over the world. Well, articles don’t lie after all. You might want to try watching Love Hina, and maybe I would too. But the main character isn’t really to my taste.. so… *Giggle*

Guess I’m so superficial and would only go for appearance, oh well.

If I have time, I’ll watch Love Hina. Reading the reviews and reception of the anime and manga, I am really quite stunned. It has won awards and received numerous praises. Maybe it’s worth a go after all. I think I stopped at the scene where Keitaro and Naru went on the plane, on a holiday together, unintentionally. If I’m not wrong, that is. Hopefully, I would have time to squeeze in so many animes and watch them all!

If you’ve watched Clannad, don’t you agree with me that the two strands of hair (a.k.a. antennas) remind you of Nagisa from Clannad?

Do you think the antennas two strands of hair are cute?


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