Bokura ga Ita (We Were There)

Do you like sweet little couples that make you go, awwww?

Well, if you’re the kind that goes for foolish loves, a selfish lover that wants you all for himself, or plainly just a firm believer in the quote “love is blind”, this anime is definitely for you.

Just a warning though, this anime is rather slow-paced, so if you like fast-paced romances, you might not be able to survive through all 26 episodes.

I started watching Bokura ga Ita because of the “innocent, childish love” feel it gave me. The graphics and colours are soft, gentle, and not the intense kind of animes I’ve been watching recently. The couple just looks like they’re match-made in heaven, I mean, just take a look at this.

Aren’t they such a cute duo? It just seems like I copied and pasted the guy’s face onto the girl’s (no I don’t have that photoshopping skillz). Just kidding.

Anyway, they seem like a really childish, sweet, innocent lil’ couple foolishly head over heels in love right? Well I was proven wrong.

Prepare for spoilers ahead!
(don’t expect much of a detailed review because I didn’t like this anime too much. Actually you can expect more of a rant, I’m really sorry. If you’re not interested, or a die-hard fan of this anime, I’d suggest you either don’t treat my post too seriously, or just not read it at all.)

I don’t mean that they weren’t loving, I just meant that they weren’t innocent. I was looking forward to an innocent romance without the mention of sex. I’m sorry to those that are really fond of this anime, it’s not that I’m not fond of it, I just felt that inclusion of a sex scene between these two cute lil characters was totally out of place, especially when they’re in high school (not to mention that the guy had sex in middle school too).

Other than that, I enjoyed the romantic moments between Yano (the main guy) and Nana (the main girl). Yano was rather possessive, to an extent that kind of makes me hate him at some moments. And yes, one of the most frustrating matters about this anime is none other than the main guy, Yano.

Yano can be such a sweetheart at times, treating Nana like a princess, being so cute as to wanting to hold her hand during a movie, making mushy jokes, etc etc, but he really can be a jerk at times. It’s really hard to list out what I don’t like about him, well other than the fact that the list is going to be long, you won’t exactly understand until you watch the anime. Sometimes I would jump up and down in my chair and punch the air in front of the computer screen in anger. Yes, anger. Most of the time, I’m just deciding whether I like Yano or not. He has his reasons for being the way he is, but I really do feel that he can do better than that.

Let’s take for example him wanting to keep his previous relationship from Nana because he doesn’t want to see her cry. Yes, that’s a valid reason. But sometimes I do wonder if it’s because he was too ashamed to bring it up, after all, it was something he regretted. In my opinion, he should’ve let Nana knew from the start about his previous relationship. He was being such a big hypocrite when he was telling Nana that there should be “no secrets between us, okay?”. No secrets? Totally — when your ex-girlfriend’s little sister comes to your house, you violently shove your current girlfriend inside your house and lock her up, so you could have a proper conversation with the little sister. And your current girlfriend is obviously kept completely in the dark, unaware of what you’re talking about outside. Talk about “no secrets between us”. I was really fed up with Yano during this scene.

Furthermore, he keeps mentioning sex which is really irritating as we can tell that Nana is an innocent little girl and all Yano is doing, is polluting her! Maybe it’s normal in their culture there, but I really don’t think you should have sex with your girlfriend when your relationship isn’t even stable in the first place (not to mention you that you shouldn’t have sex with the little sister of your dead-ex). Let’s just take a look at cute, innocent characters in an awkward moment. Don’t worry there’s no porn or anything.

Oh come on, you’re ruining the cuteness of the characters. Just when I thought I could take a break from all that Yaoi I have been watching. Oops. Teehee.

Okay let’s look at the nice side of Yano. He’s really nice, and his mushy lines are a plus point to the anime! Doesn’t everyone love mushy lines? And Nana would just blush and blush and blush and blush; the romance here can’t be better described as “pink”. One of my favourite scenes of Nana and Yano is the scene where they went to catch a movie. The way Yano tried to get Nana to hold his hand was really adorable, one of my favourite romance scenes so far. And after every romantic moment comes more blushing of each character, looking away, or maybe just showing the sides of their mouth curl a little into a smile. Awwwwwwwwwwww.

(Damn I couldn’t find a picture where their hands could be shown. FYI, they just hooked their hands together awwwwwwwwww let’s all blush together, alright?)

Okay enough of Yano. Let’s talk about Nana.

Nana is an innocent high school girl that’s cute and all, but she’s rather(maybe much, much more than “rather”) ย foolish. After being treated so horribly by Yano, she continues to love him (romantic to some, yes I do understand), and goes back to him. She’s just really unlucky to have fallen in love with a guy that has seriously complicated past love issues, and Yano just can’t seem to get over his dead ex-girlfriend, which coincidentally(or maybe not?) has the same name as his current girlfriend. It has been also suggested that he fell in love with current-Nana because of the similarities that current-Nana and ex-Nana share. What do you think?

I admit I’m slightly biased against this couple, though they just look so compatible together, I’d rather Nana go out with Takeuchi, if I were really concerned about her emotional, mental, and physical welfare. At least her life would be so much easier. Takeuchi’s a really nice guy as compared to Yano. He likes Nana too but continues to give in to his best friend, for the sake of the friendship him and Yano shares. That’s just really nice of him, don’t you think?

And then Yano goes to show his “appreciation” by ordering his friends to tie Takeuchi up so Takeuchi won’t be able to confess to Nana. How selfish. Guess that’s why I like Takeuchi so much. He’s just always there, looking out for Nana, taking a selfless position, thinking of the welfare of Nana and his best friend before himself. Guess it doesn’t pay to be nice, does it? Sometimes I wish Nana would just realise how nice Takeuchi is. Poor Takeuchi.

Oh well, I guess that’s why love is blind, after all. No matter how much hurt you’ve went through, you continue to foolishly go back to that same person, only to be wounded again.

For me, I wouldn’t like an anime if the couple that I adore doesn’t end up together. Well, I’m sorry to all Yano and Nana lovers, but I’d prefer Nana to be with Takeuchi, although I do understand that Nana’s heart is with Yano. I don’t know who to hate and who to love!

I’d recommend this to all romance fans that like love triangles, especially with a “best friend character” that’s always going through the “one-sided” feelings. I don’t know why, but I always end up sympathising with these characters, wanting them to get their happy ending too, and even liking them better than the main character.

It’s just me I guess. Who do you prefer Nana to be with? Or would you’d rather her stay single?


16 responses to “Bokura ga Ita (We Were There)

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  2. dont get me wrong, i love takeuchi, but this character is in every anime! i vote yano! his complexities make him so, realistic. I love how nana describes him (i dont remember her specific words) as the guy who starts to play ball so everyone else joins in, but then gets tired of it so everyone else loses interest. this is his character! takeuchi is his opposite in this respect, preferring to follow rather than lead. i sometimes wonder if he would have even been interested in nana if yano wasnt. yano fell in love with the first nana when everyone else thought she was stupid. even though takeuchi thought she was stupid too they hinted that after yano started going out with her he was jealous. in the same way, nana was never really popular with the guys (even though yano was popular with the girls) when yano fell for her- and then out of the blue takeuchi likes her too. remember when yano told takeuchi that he could never like a girl who lliked him first? well yano can. he is kind and nonjudgmental. in one sense, Yano gives off the impression that he is always himself and not affected by others or their opinions at all but at the same time it seems his hole life revolves around the women it in it and how to make them happy while keeping his own issues inside until he can’t handle it and self destructs! its fasinating to witness the paradox that is yano. ha that’s my rant. i clearly get TOO into these animes haha

    • I gotta love your rant. Did I ever mention that I loved reading rants? ๐Ÿ˜›

      I do agree with your stand about Takeuchi. He’s a common character that every anime has. Without him, there wouldn’t be a love triangle in the first place anyway. But I kind of ALWAYS sympathise with the guy that doesn’t get the girl, I just can’t help it, haha. And I guess when you have a really good guy, you’ve got to have someone to contrast his character.

      I think Yano’s character drove the series, without him Bokura ga Ita would be boring! His flaws only brought out his strengths more, and the fact that a character has flaws make him all the more relatable and realistic, because we all have flaws too. A distinct, and unique main character made Bokura ga Ita different from other cliche romance anime series. But then again, I would really get fed up when Yano does really reckless stuff and Nana just sits there and cries and does absolutely, absolutely nothing about it. Because somehow or rather, my heart goes out for Nana. I felt that she was being dragged into a complicated world of Yano’s. Oh well, it doesn’t matter because their love would prevail in the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s okay to get too into animes, I mean, some animes make you think, evokes and stirs up your emotions, and I guess if it gets you to rant about it, it’s clearly impacting you in some way — showing the developers’ success, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think that is a spot on reading of Yano and Takeuchi too. After that flashback scene with Nana #1, I began to wonder if may Take was the type to chase after his best friend’s girl. I have seen a lot of Yano “haters”, but to me, he seems like a kid that is doing his best to handle some really complex situations and issues–not always making the greatest choices–but always coming from the perspective of trying to do the right thing. Does his character make me angry, yes; but, ultimately,–as far as the anime goes–his complexity is what makes him so memorable.

  3. just a friendly advice though.. =3 try reading the manga of this anime. It is WAY darker and deeper than what you have seen in the anime. If i remember it correctly, the anime ended in a cliff hanger. The story continues in the manga.
    For a better review of the characters, check out its manga counterpart because you will actually see more of the characters’ depths. Especially Yano. I agree Yano can be really quite a jerk and unfair but didnt it occur to you that, maybe, in real life– what he’s going through is the same with what’s happening in difficult men? Men sometimes/most of the times are so hard and impossible to understand and yet they will still say nothing to their families or girlfriends. Actually miss Yuki Obata (the author of this anime) made a pretty good job in making a character that can depict real life situations of a broken guy. This anime is innocent in the outside but its rather realistic and deep in the inside, which makes it a one of a kind romance anime :3

    • Okay! I’ll check out the manga. And there goes another item into the never-ending To-Do List. Oh my, I’m never going to be done with all these.

      And yep, I did mention that Yano’s flaws actually brought out the realism of the series, which is a little something that you don’t usually see in other animes – especially when compared to those “perfect and sparkly” characters in some shojos. But I felt that it was a slightly extreme at parts like where Yano shoves Nana into the house just to talk to his ex’s sister. Maybe it’s just me (and my soft spots for the guy that doesn’t get the girl – yes I’ve never denied that I’m biased). But then again, if we didn’t have Yano, we wouldn’t have Bokura ga Ita. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think the mangaka did a fantastic job at portraying Yano – I mean, if she could get me so worked up over a fictional character then I guess her job is successfully done. ๐Ÿ˜€ That goes without saying. It’s the same concept as a well-portrayed villain or hero. Yano was able to show that he was facing problems that he had no idea how to handle, and the audience would get frustrated by his actions, even though we all know that stuff like this happens in real life.

      Let’s just say that I can’t take too much drama. -clutches chest dramatically- If I were to watch something so emotion-evoking everyday I wouldn’t have any energy left for real life. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • hahaha. yeh i agree. There’s this stage in my life where i totally focused my otaku-ism on Bokura ga ita. It was stressful (but still beautiful). So stressful that i stopped reading for a while. XD For some reason I kept thinking, “whats wrong with the author? Does the manga reflect her past experiences or what? How can she handle such emotions on the manga?”. XD Its crazy. Yano is sometimes crazy. And that Yuri girl is also crazy.

        I think the manga’s about to end some time this year? We should see what will happen to Nana and Yano. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • The author is amazing, I think. I wonder where she gets all these ideas! And she drives the audience crazy! Her art is pretty, though. When I first saw Bokura ga Ita, I really didn’t expect it to have so many conflicts inside with characters that have so many problems. It definitely wasn’t your normal shojo, with the amount of depth it had. But the art looked so peaceful and innocent!

          The manga is going to end? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s nice to have a closure but when mangas end I just feel a little empty inside.

  4. I enjoyed this post

  5. Here’s a picture of their hands at the movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. John Lester San Juan

    Hi is there another episode after 26?

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